Friday, May 18, 2018

Book Industry Should Bet On Sports Gambling As A Savior

A new opportunity may have just opened up for the book publishing industry:  the legalization of sports gambling.

With the Supreme Court announcing states can choose to legalize or regulate sports betting, a monumental opportunity has arisen not just for sports teams and states that pursue sports gambling, but for the book world.

Bookstores should lobby to accept the placement of bets.  Get it.  You can “book” your bet at the bookstore.  Let your bookstore be your “bookie.”  What are the odds of that happening?

But if it does, bookstores will not only rake in tons of money, they will draw crowds.  Some bettors, while waiting around to see if their bets pay off, can read-buy books and sit at the store’s café.  All those winners may want to splurge for a gift (book) for someone.

Additionally, publishers can cash in on the betting craze.  There should be a flood of books coming out, perhaps these:

How to Bet on Basketball (or Football or Baseball or Hockey, etc.)
All the States You Need to Know About To Be A Smart Sports Bettor
Where to Vacation – and Place your Sports Bets
How to Reduce Your Taxes on Sports Winnings
After Marijuana and Sports Betting Goes Legal, Prostitution is Next

There will also be these likely titles:

·         How I Fixed Games to Win at Betting on Sports
·         Should Pete Rose Be Let Into the Hall of Fame?
·         The Lost Wager: How Sports Betting Addiction Tripled in 2018.
·         The Death of Las Vegas:  Why America Adopted Gambling at Home.
·         Instant Replay:  Did Sports Gambling Kill Pro Sports?

It may seem like sports betting and books have little in common, but perhaps there really will be a connection.  Bookstores should stock up on books about sports, gambling, and addictions.  They should – no joke – seek to get in on the action just like how every candy store now sells lottery tickets.

Bookstores should invite speakers who know about sports betting from casino owners to legislators to Mafia Kingpins to gambling addicts.  America is going backwards but why not capitalize on its demise?

Bookstores should also sell e-cigarettes, pot, lotto tickets, beer, and anything that gets people in their stores.  Vice shmice.  Bettors are book buyers too. Let’s not discriminate!

Only in a Trump America does the casino-mentality rule.  It figures that a former gambling tycoon would be in office when the Supreme Court rules in favor of expanding our nation’s degeneracy.  Now go write a book about it and cash in. Everyone else will.

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