Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Authors Should Feel Pretty

After seeing Amy Schumer’s movie, I Feel Pretty, about a plump woman who gains the confidence to live her life fully despite her perceived physical flaw, I couldn’t help but wonder if all authors need to take its message to heart.  You can be more than you are if you see yourself differently.

Motivational speaker Tony Robbins would be proud of the comedian’s message, even if the movie too often moves from being funny to sadly serious while resembling a long motivational seminar.  Authors too, need to believe in themselves, so they can hawk their books to the media and consumers.

Schumer approached the issue of beauty and body from two perspectives – how society views us and how we view ourselves.  Sometimes we’re harder on ourselves than others are.

Her film doesn’t just cover looks and body image.  It also touches upon intellect, compassion, and one’s ability to support those in need.  But it mostly zeroes in on who we think we are and about the limits we impose upon ourselves because of our thoughts.  But if you dream big and act in an energized, focused and confident way you may just get further than you’d ever expect.

Authors need to realize they can promote and market a lot better than they give themselves credit for.

Writers may believe in their writings, but not enough to expose themselves to the media microscope.  They may write well but not be as adept at speaking to a camera or before a group of people.  Some are shy or introverted; others are more at ease when talking about themselves.

Maybe we need some Schumeristic magic to get writers to go for their dreams.  She says, in the movie, that people just have to see themselves as being pretty (or smart or whatever) in order to become what they see.  So visualize and act as if you are the person you hope to become.  

Other advice for authors would include this:

·         Be proud of who you are.
·         Keep reaching high and far.
·         Use humor to advance yourself.
·         Lean on your friends for support.
·         Be in touch with your consumer base to help you market to them.

It’s hard to believe a comedy could serve as a motivational tool, but Schumer’s message on life, looks, and womanhood is entertaining enough while serving to inspire each of us, including authors.


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