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Monday, May 21, 2018

Use Your Book’s Contents To Promote Your Book

When promoting your book to the news media you are hoping the publicity will sell more books, enhance your media resume, elevate your brand, and provide a platform for your message.  Perhaps one of the best ways to do all of that is to repurpose the contents of that book so you can get lots of mileage with online and print media.

For a non-fiction book, each chapter could serve as a story idea.  Think of how you can promote yourself as an expert not just of the broader book topic but on specific subjects.  For instance, your book on personal finance, relationships, diet, parenting or travel can be promoted to the media not just as a book but you as an expert on numerous topics.  Have specialized pitches that narrowly highlight one point and only one point.

Each chapter can be chopped into smaller blog posts.  Sometimes you can just quote a section of the book and it reads as a stand-alone post.  Other times you may have to borrow different portions from various parts of the chapter or book and string them together to serve as a blog post.  

You can take portions directly from your book but then you have to add new content, perhaps something that relates to a particular situation in a current news cycle that ties into your book.

For social media, look for stand-alone paragraphs in your book that can make for good Facebook posts.  Add a visual and re-post on Instagram or Pinterest.

For Twitter, look to quote a sentence or two from a bunch of places in your book.  You may have enough material for over a hundred tweets.

You can inquire at various websites if you can guest-post content on their sites.  Take 600, 700,1000 words from your book and post it elsewhere. The same could be true for newspapers and magazines.  See if they have an interest in you penning a by-lined article – especially if it’s on a topic you can take from your book.

Your website should feature book excerpts and a downloadable sample chapter.

Another way to utilize your content is to post one- to two-minute-long videos on your site, for You Tube, or to be shared via social media.  These videos can be you sharing advice, instructions, interesting stories or opinions on timely topics – all of which you might be able to read from your book.  Same is true for a podcast.

Good luck in using your own words to sell your book!


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