Friday, May 11, 2018

Promote Your Book and Brand Like Jackson The Bulldog

Of all the ways one could promote their book or market their brand, the best model to follow may be that of Jackson Bonz Feinblum.

He’s a three-year-old American Bulldog that my family adopted one month ago.  We can learn a lot from this 80-pound stud.

Pets can charm us and invite us to marvel at their funny ways, but they can also teach us a thing or two about life and book publicity.

Here are 14 of the many lessons all authors and book publicists can gather from Jackson:

1.      Looks Matter
Jackson is an example of the role looks can play in marketing.  Like the pretty young lady or the muscular male, images of beauty draw us in. We can’t turn away from eye candy, can we?  Jackson draws you to him based on his looks.  He’s so ugly that he’s handsome.  He looks like a junkyard dog but he’s really a softy.  He’s got a cool coloring -- brindle.  He has an underbite and big brown eyes that warm you instantly to him.  So if you want people drawn to you, think about your appearance and your style. Same goes for your book cover and book design.

2.      Confidence Helps
Jackson moves with a certain swagger but seems friendly and happy with his wagging tail.  He’s not skittish or showing fear. You, too should come across with confidence in the way you speak or carry yourself. 

3.      He Seeks Your Attention
Jackson will follow you or hunt you down, ensuring himself of having his desires met, like a belly rub or a big snack.  Go after media attention and always make your presence known. 

4.      Bark If You Feel Ignored
Speak up if your needs are not being addressed.  Jackson will bark if he needs to go to the bathroom.  He doesn’t sit back hoping you notice him.

5.      Spread Your Love
Jackson makes everyone he’s with feel special.  He rotates who gets his affection at night.  One night he’ll sleep with my son, then daughter, then my wife and me, and sometimes he goes solo on the den couch. So too should you vary your pursuits – go after all types of media, not just one.  Try multiple story angles, and don’t rely on a single one.  Spread the love around.

6.      Brand With A Good Name
Jackson is a good name because it can have nicknames made from it: Jax; Apple Jacks; Jacksonville; Action Jackson.  It sounds like a strong name. His middle name has a unique spelling – and how many dogs have middle names?  Sometimes we go by his initials, J.B.  Or we just reference him by his size, like:  “Come here, big boy.”  You need a catchy nickname or crafty pen name or your book title needs to be unique, memorable, or special.

7.      Acclimate To Your Circumstances
We adopted Jackson after he was fostered for a few months.  He used to be chained outside and used merely for reproductive purposes.  But he quickly acclimated to his new home and fits in perfectly.  It’s as if he’s always been with us.  You, too can find a way to quickly ingratiate yourself to others.  Be friendly, interesting and open to new things.

8.      Show An interest In Others
Jackson is quick to interact with whomever is in the room with him, making that person feel wanted, entertained and appreciated.  You too, especially when networking, should thrust yourself in front of others and insert yourself into the conservation.

9.      Be Persistent
If Jackson wants something, he’ll get it.  He doggedly pursues things and puts a singular focus on his obsessions.  He’s relentless.  You too should have a stick-to-it approach to whatever it is that you want. 

10.  Beg
He will moan or push his paw onto you if there’s something he needs.  You too should beg or ask for things – sometimes you’ll get what you want.

11.  Take A Break
After a hard day of playing, eating, begging, or exploring, he knows when to take a break, often napping mid-day in our car or the couch.  Consider taking a brief siesta to recharge yourself.

12.  Bad Behavior Can Get Attention
He will sometimes do the things that we don’t like, including gnawing on our kids' favorite stuffed animals, lifting his leg to the carpet, or thinking our shoes are his food.  He even chewed on a $200 bag.  But his misbehavior gets our attention, which is what he wanted.  You too can get the media’s attention, perhaps by saying something controversial or doing something that may not even seem like a good thing.

13.  Free Your Mind By Wandering
Jackson has escaped our house at least 8 or 9 times so far.  He finds the weak spot – a gap in a doorway, a fence that bends, an unlocked door – allowing him to run freely until we realize he’s gone and track him down.   You too should change your routine and escape your surrounding circumstances to infuse yourself with new ideas and fresh perspectives.

14.  Chase Your Dreams
Jackson thinks he can fly.  He chases birds, squirrels, and anything that moves. He wants to reach what’s not always attainable but that doesn’t stop him.  He doesn’t know any better.  Maybe one day he’ll get lucky. You too should pursue what seems beyond your reach.  You may just catch up to it!

Jackson is a lovable lug, the kind of dog that best represents his species – loyal, friendly, curious, lovable, funny.  Most of all, he’s a model to authors who seek to get their brand elevated and book promoted.  If all else fails, start barking, lifting your leg, and taking a bite out of a pair of shoes.


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