Tuesday, May 29, 2018

What Authors Blog About Depends On Why They Blog

Authors are told by most book marketers and promoters they should blog regularly – at least once a week.  So what should they blog about?

The “what” should be based on the “why.”  Answer the question:  Why are you blogging? Is it to:

·         build your brand?
·         get more website traffic?
·         market your book or some other product or service?
·         champion a message?
·         get discovered as a writer?

All of the above?  Some other reason?

Whatever your answer the blog post content should serve the why.  If you want to come across as an expert, write things that showcase your expertise.  If you want to sell a book, write about the book or things related to it.  If you want to push a particular idea or message, only write about that.

However, if you need general ideas of what to blog about, try some of these:

·         Advice about something you’re an expert in.
·         Trends in your industry.
·         Bold predictions.
·         Demand an action be taken.
·         Raise questions on something important.
·         Share behind-the-scenes stories as a writer.
·         Honor someone or something.
·         Celebrate an anniversary, holiday, or monumental moment.
·         Discuss a recent or upcoming event.
·         Criticize someone in the news or leadership position.
·         Preview or sneak-peek something.
·         Offer a free downloadable resource
·         Hold a contest.
·         Provide a guest-post from someone else.
·         Name a top 10 list.
·         Showcase a successful incident or idea.

The key to successful blogging is:

·         Writing in a consistent voice or style on a specific topic/area.
·         Posting regularly and often.
·         Sharing your posts through social media.
·         Getting help from those who want to contribute content.
·         Avoiding posting on irrelevant or off-message topics.

Blog with a purpose and focus your content to support your goals.  You can write about anything, but only certain subjects will be of interest to our readers.  You can’t please everyone – strive for pleasing your core fans.


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