Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Does Your Author Book Marketing Need Brooklyn Boot Camp?

Some writers need to toughen up when it comes to how they approach book marketing.  They need Brooklyn Boot Camp.

“I hate Brooklyn Boot Camp,” says my 10-year-old daughter. 

I recently started giving that name to instances when I try to get my sheltered daughter, who lives the modern suburban life, to stop whining and to take on tasks she may not want to do.  The ipod-playing, TV-viewing, driven-everywhere, girl needs a touch of responsibility, of learning to navigate through challenges, and to overcome real obstacles. Or at least do some chores and think for herself.

She’s not spoiled but maybe there’s a little bit of entitlement or pampered expectation about her that will not serve her well when faced with tough times.  I named these moments Brooklyn Boot Camp  when I feel she’s being exceptionally lazy.  I then command her to do something.

I grew up in Brooklyn in the 70s and 80s, when the city was in decline and crime was skyrocketing.  I wasn’t in a bad neighborhood, but it was always exposed to the elements.  You saw the homeless, rowdy teens, boozed-up unemployables, and scheming individuals always walking the streets, riding the buses and trains, and hanging around public places, from parks to discount stores.  You had to be tough to get where you were going, to not become a victim to crime, to not be lured in by the wrong crowd.  My parents didn’t have a car and not everything was as neatly packaged as things are today.  Kids have things readily available to them 24-7, never knowing what it means to have a need go unmet — at least not in the cushy suburbs.

Just as I want my daughter to find her internal toughness, I’d like to see authors discover their book marketing brawler within themselves.

I don’t want to hear writers:

·         Whine that they can’t get published.
·         Complain they have little time or patience for social media.
·         Bemoan they have few resources to hire a book publicist.
·         Bark they earn peanuts from their writings.
·         Speak with envy of successful writers without doing something about it.

It just doesn’t get you anywhere to sulk or complain about how things are.  The only way to get what you want and to convert your wishes into a reality is to shut up, get up, and take action. Cry to your therapist, if you wish, but it’s time to put your energy, time, resources, brain power, connections, creativity skills and heart into being the best book marketer that you can be.

Here’s what you control:

·         You can learn how to do something – by book, video, class, consultant
·         You can ask for help, even if you have to borrow to hire someone.
·         You can write better books.
·         You can self-publish rather than lament you can’t find a publisher.
·         You can seek out your targeted readers – through media, social media, organizations, speaking engagements, advertising, or give-aways.
·         You can stop listing all that’s wrong or serving as a barrier and start planning how to work around these temporary setbacks.

That’s right, you heard me right.  Quit your bitching and self-pity partying.  Put down the booze, ice cream, cigarette or whatever crutch you nurse your injured soul upon, and start empowering and inspiring yourself to take positive action and meaningful steps towards your destiny.

I know it’s not easy – and sometimes it’s a real burden or hardship to overcome a world that seems to conspire against giving you a break — but you must, must, must step out of your way and move in the direction of the light.

If you need some support and someone to make you better or stronger, look no further than yourself and fellow writers.  Support each other and work to make yourself tougher.

Otherwise, come over to my place for a little Brooklyn Boot Camp.

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