Thursday, November 29, 2018

Why Authors Must Watch Rocky

If I can give authors really good advice, it would be to watch Rocky.  

In all my years of watching thousands of movies, I have never found one quite like it.  The entire franchise of Sylvester Stallone films continues today, with installment No. 8, Creed II, and it is very, very good.  So how does a movie retain a 42-year-old hold on the public?

It starts with the theme song, filled with powerful trumpets and energy.  Gonna Fly Now.  Listen to it, right now.  Play it.  Again.  Again.  Again.  I could never tire of it.  

The song has a powerful impact every single time I listen to it.  I feel moved, inspired, empowered.  I feel youthful and determined.  I’m ready to tear apart whatever or whomever stands in my way of pursuing my dreams, living my convictions, and sharing my truth with others.

You may not like sports or care for boxing, a barbaric activity that would be outlawed anywhere but in the ring.  No matter.  The Rocky movies are all about the battles we fight – in life, inside ourselves, deep in our spirits.  It doesn’t matter the size of your opponent, the level of risk, or a challenge of achieving your goals, or the doubters around us.  What matters is the heart and soul inside of you, the forceful spirit that allows you to be your best and to use brains, skills, strength, and determination to win.

Writers are underdogs, and like Rocky, must summon up the courage to live their convictions.  Rocky never gets old for those like me who fell in love with what he stands for.  This year is my 40-year anniversary of seeing the classic film. When it came out in theaters, my parents didn’t take me.  I was nine.  But by 1978 I saw it on TV and fell in love with it.  Everyone needs the spirit of Rocky in their life, but especially writers.  We need the motivation, support, and modeled leadership that Rocky brings us.

Writers experience, observe, research, imagine, think, and hypothesize about life.  They live in a world that doesn’t exist as much as they live in the real one. They see the world for what it is, but ask if we can do better, be better, and find ways to right the shortcomings of humanity. They submerge their emotional worth, their identity, and their intellectual talent into their books.  It’s only proper that a fictional character help champion them in their pursuit of writing greatness.

I try to watch It’s a Wonderful Life every year, reminding myself that even when times get tough, we must choose to live.  I watch The Wizard of Oz to remember that we don’t get our skills or talents from others.  No Oz is needed to get what you really want.  And I watch Rocky because I remind myself to dig deeper and to fight for what I want.

There are many great movies, just as there are so many great books, plays, and songs but let there be no doubt that Rocky stands above all.  Watch it.  Get pumped. Go for your dreams!


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