Friday, November 16, 2018

Do You Have Faith In Your Book?

I’m not a deeply religious person.  Neither is a significant portion of the country.  But that shouldn’t stop any of us from having faith, especially when it comes to marketing our books.

Have faith in yourself that you can succeed.
Have faith in others that they can help you.
Have faith in your readers that they will help spread the word.
Have faith in family and friends that they will support you.
Have faith in a higher power, in whatever mysterious form it may come in.

So much of the world goes unexplained.  What happens after you die?  Are there life forms beyond Earth?  What’s the purpose to life?  Are dogs smarter than us? Okay, we already know the answer to the last one!

I choose to believe there are answers to these questions, even if we may never come to know or understand them.  I also choose to believe the world’s forces can be harnessed for good.  I am nothing compared to the rest of the world.  I have nothing to lose in looking for hope beyond the reach of my arms.

We don’t have to believe in the same things nor live the same way, but wouldn’t it be great, if we could all agree to believe in ourselves and to welcome whatever support can come from others, including the powerful forces behind all of life?

This is not the easiest post to write, for there’s no simple process to show one how to let faith be a part of their life.  Only you can determine what role, if any, faith has in your life.  I’m just saying try it – why not – you may come to feel something loving and beautiful in your heart.

Authors can act out of ego, ambition, greed, and reasons that seem less desirable than answers that include:  “I want to help others” or “I have a wonderful message for others to embrace.”  But whatever drives you to write a book and promote it, may I suggest that faith be a part of the equation?

Be inspired, not fear-fueled.
Be motivated, not anger-filled.
Be hopeful, not helpless.
Be creative, not robotic.
Be loving, not isolated.

You put a piece of you out to the public’s critical eye when you write a book. Let faith guide you and hope that good things will come from projecting positive thoughts, honest actions, well-intentioned ideas and, kind-hearted interactions with others.  You can’t just ask for things from others; you must first give, and to offer others your great words, positive energy, and kind soul. 

Have faith and rise above your insecurities, fears, or hatred.

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