Saturday, November 10, 2018

Be Thankful For Books This Holiday Season

I’m thankful to be alive, to have my health, to have wonderful loving family, and friends by my side; I’m also aware of the losses and pains naturally to be suffered in the course of a life. But this holiday season I want to focus on the positive, the moment that I am in, and the world of ideas that swirl around me.  I am forever thankful of the books that exist in our world, nurturing, informing, entertaining, inspiring, challenging, and comforting those who let these hand-held treasures enter our souls.

Books speak to us in a way no one else and nothing can.  They are there for us, all of the time, whenever we need them.  Classics live on forever and nearly 4,000 new options are published daily.  There are great books and books get written about such books.  Books have imitators and authors who compete to exceed the works that are best-sellers, critically-acclaimed, or award-winners.  If an idea exists, chances are a book has captured it – and likely spawned a thousand new ideas.

We should express our gratitude for books by:

·         Sharing them
·         Buying them
·         Rereading them
·         Talking about them
·         Living out the positive values expressed in books
·         Express public and financial support of libraries
·         Frequent local bookstores
·         Encourage others to read more books
·         Volunteer at a literary program

We must use books to give us balance, perspective, and guidance.

Books can provide a valuable outlet for us.  We can escape to other worlds, times, places, lives – and do so without risks.  Books fulfill in us what we can’t possibly experience in our lives today.

They give us an understanding of life and the world that helps us live a fulfilling, productive, and rewarding life.

Books lead us, with advice, encouragement, ideas, and useful information.

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving – and the kick-off of a magical holiday season right through the beginning of a new year.  May books play an important role in your life – and in the lives of others, for better books can lead to better people and a better world.

Each of us – as writers, promoters, readers, publishers, editors, literary agents, teachers, booksellers and all of those who play a key role in the book publishing ecosystem – should be thankful, if for nothing else, that books are with us in our amazing journey.


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