Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Books -- A Tribute

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Books are people.
They each represent stories, experiences, and ideas.
The written word and the author are inextricably linked.
Forever. You are the books you write and read.

What are words made out of?
Paper?  Ink? Pixels? Sound?
Words are made up, they come and go.
Meanings change, spellings too.
But they convey so much by those who share them - and those
that consume them.

Books only have the value their readers give them.
The more a book impacts a life, the better the book.
The more people influenced by the book, the more important it is.
Quote it, share it, live it – words are meant to be breathed.

Editors don’t have the final say.
Nor book reviewers.
Or even the social media pundits.
It’s the writer who starts all conversations – and the reader
who continues them.

Words can entertain us, even bring laughter and joy.
They can enlighten and make us aware of a world unknown
Words shall inform and educate our minds.
They shall uplift our souls and insure and motivate us to do more.

What is a book but a series of words, arranged carefully
in just the right order, like a nuclear code sequence,
Giving power to all who dare read and embrace it.
A book is a puzzle – can you interpret what it
means for you?

It’s all the same hashtag.  Books are everything,
maybe even better than the things that are written about.

Escape and be free.
Fantasize and dream.
Words lead to thoughts and actions.
Dance with the words.
Sing your own song.

Some words threaten us.
They can bully, destroy, even kill.
Choose them wisely and know the power of the pen or tablet.
Neither censor, ban, nor burn a book – but don’t write one
that aims only to harm, debase, or wound society.

But above all – write and create – and read, read, read.
Fight for literacy, free speech, and the publishing of books
that can change the world, one word at a time.


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