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Why Authors Can Market A Book At Any Stage Of Life

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When I talk to authors about promoting their books and marketing their brands, I often draw the analogy that writing and publishing a book is like giving birth – a worthy accomplishment – but the real work begins with raising that child (marketing your book).  

Well, someone I went to high school with just adopted a newborn and she reminds me that if you stay focused and work hard, you can accomplish some amazing things.  She’s 52 years old and has a brand new baby!

I have an 11 – and 14-year-old and I’m the same age as Michelle, but she is first experiencing motherhood. Even stranger, a good friend, Fred, whom I’ve known since I was five, and is my age, is the grandfather of a seven-year-old.  Here are people,-each finding parenthood at different stages of their lives – each seeking to raise healthy and loving children who hopefully make the world better than how they found it.

Writers are like people who become parents, as each develops at their own pace.  Some writers get published at a young age, some middle-age, others as seniors – and some never break through.

But once a writer births a book the real drama begins.  There’s nothing more rewarding than writing a book than to market it successfully and to witness how your voice helps others.

Fred, at 19, became a dad.  When my first kid arrived, I was a month shy of 40, and Michelle is 52.  Our kids likely will each be raised differently, given many factors, but we each go through the same challenges, seek some of the same rewards, and get thrown for some of the same curves.  Authors, too, may want different things but many want their book to sell, to touch the lives of others, to get another book deal, and to be viewed with respect.

So, writers, take heed of Fred, Michelle, and myself.  Enjoy whatever stage you are at but know you should never give up on your book marketing, just as you’d never give up on your own child.

I fondly recall meeting Fred in kindergarten and becoming best buddies in elementary school.  We loved to play baseball, stickball, flag football, handball, paddleball, off-the-wall, Chinese handball, boxball, hit-the-penny, Nerfball, Wiffleball,and all of the sports the streets of Brooklyn afforded us. But we could also have deep, philosophical conversations, see a movie, or play hours of Donkey Kong and Asteroids.  We were born 12 days apart but our kids are a generation apart.

Michele, whom I had a crush on in high school, with her green cat eyes, is now discovering her way through parenthood.  Like all authors – and parents – the rewards can come no matter how long it takes you to find your path.  

May we each experience the joy our books – and kids – bring us.

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