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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Why Competitive Authors Should Help Each Other


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Many people have a competitive nature. After all, we have to fight for jobs, dates, parental attention, parking spaces, restaurant reservations, concert tickets, and even corona supplies. We compete in games and sports. We compete at life and how we position our lives on Facebook. Geeze, now that I think about it, all too often we are adversaries of one another, competing for everything like it’s The Hunger Games.

 But it does not have to be that way, and for others who think every other author is their enemy, they should think again. Authors can, and should, help each other. There is more to be gained from collaboration than competition.

Authors certainly compete in some fashion, certainly for a literary agent, to land a publisher, to get shelf space, earn media attention, get social media recognition, and secure rights deals, etc. but it is not so direct. The world is big enough to absorb many authors. There can be plenty of opportunities for many others. I would suggest authors see each other as people who can help each other. More benefits can arise out of a friendship vs. cut-throat competitiveness.

So, what can authors do to assist each other on their journey to publishing fame and glory?

1.      At the very least, and this costs you nothing, support one another. Give emotional support, provide advice, and be a friendly inspiration to authors who need direction, encouragement, and guidance. 

2.      Share useful resources or information, especially if it is public knowledge. 

3.      Provide feedback on another’s writing. Be constructive, fair, and nice about it. 

4.      Find ways to save costs by agreeing to share certain helpful tools, databases, subscriptions, vendors, etc

5.      Agree to like or repost social media posts of other authors. You can interview them, review their book, or offer them a guest-post opportunity. 

6.      Show support by buying their book, attending a book signing, or participating in their online event. 

7.      Find things you can do, such as calling in a favor, that helps another author.

The hope is that by doing these things you will receive favors, help, and support from others when you need it. No doubt about it, there is a business side to publishing, but by writers supporting writers they help not only to make one another a success but they help contribute something beautiful to the world.

The world has many challenges and competitors but authors should seek refuge with each other. Writers, more than any friend, therapist, or family member, should understand and appreciate each other. Be helpful and you will find you bartered for one’s goodwill that can help propel you to new heights.


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