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Monday, August 3, 2020

5 Book Marketing Lessons From The Beach

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While on a family vacation at Cape Cod, we happened upon a cool beach on the bay side of a town called Orleans. It's one of those beaches where, during low tide, the water recedes far off shore, exposing many dry sandbars with areas of water no higher than a foot in between them. At the lowest point, I must have walked out three-quarters of a mile from shore. Four and a half hours earlier, all of that was covered in water. It was a beautiful, natural sight. The sun shined brightly, the wind cooled you, and the rare site of the transformation of a beach was just stunning.

I have visited upon many beaches, including those of Southern California, Florida, Long Island, and Connecticut, but this scene is one of the more remarkable ones. Rarely do we get to see such a changed landscape over a mere few hours. One minute you see water by the shore extending far out beyond the limits of your eyes. A few hours later, thousands of feet of from the shore, no water is to be found. It looks like an optical illusion.

This beach offers some lessons with our effort to market books. In fact, I have these five lessons to share:

1.      Things can change, sometimes quickly. Just as the beach could look a lot different in just a few hours, so can the book marketing landscape. You need to see beyond what's in front of you and know that a whole other world exists below the surface.

2.      Do nothing is static. We are always moving from low tide to high tide and vice versa. So too is this true with the book marketing world. Things are always in motion, forever changing. Nothing stays the same for long. Be ready to seek out opportunities that may not be apparent now but could come to fruition shortly.

3.      Be ready to make adjustments to what you do. Think of how the whole ecosystem shifts with the direction of the tide. Fish, plant life, and oxygen levels change when the water momentarily rises up and again when it's flows back in. Your book marketing needs to be as fluid and responsive to changing circumstances and opportunities.

4.      Try to anticipate changes and see things as they could be, not just as they are. You can look out at a certain time of day and see that the land is clear and dry and then later see it is filled with water. You know, thanks to science, exactly what time which circumstance will exist, so you have the benefit of knowing for a fact exactly how things will be. With book marketing. you need to put the clues together and anticipate what could happen next and then proceed forward as if things will line up a certain way.

5.      Pace yourself. Do what you can, when you can. If I wanted to walk out in the water, I would only get so far before I have to swim. But when it is low tide, I can walk much further before I have to swim. Know when the conditions are optimal to do whatever activities are needed for you to succeed at marketing your book.

You don't dig a well once you're thirsty. You plan and prepare. You anticipate. It is the same with book marketing. Seize upon the opportunities your landscape is bound to provide, and when those options ship with the tide, move on in.

Perhaps a bonus lesson one can take away from the beach is that we are reminded of how beautiful the world ism and that sometimes we simply need to rest, relax, and do nothing but play in the sand. Sometimes you’ll even find a beautiful seashell – and see an amazing sunset!

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