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Sunday, August 2, 2020

Help For Authors Held Back From Success

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There are two ways to answer the question: Why aren’t you successful?

One is filled with excuses, or what you call reasons. The other is: You failed because you didn’t try hard enough, were not smart enough, didn’t act with a positive attitude, and lacked urgency.

So which one is it? Both? Neither? You know.

We all have blockages what barriers to success. The key is to overcome yours.

Sterling author Jeffrey Gitomer says in his new book, Get Shit Done,: “There are all kinds of excuses and situations for not getting shit done, and sometimes all it takes is recognizing that situation or excuse so that you can do something.”

“Gitomer says most people spend their time, rather than invest it. For instance, if you looked to procrastinate by watching Netflix instead of investing in yourself and reading an educational book -- or doing something to improve their career or life – you won’t grow.

So what does Gitomer recommend to those who want to be more productive and move away from their lazy or fear-filled or just under-performing ways?

1.      Make a to-do list for tomorrow tonight. Separate ideas from projects and unburden yourself by putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard. This will help provide a map for you.

2.      Set priorities -- not what's urgent, but what's most important.

3.      Select, set, and achieve your goals. Write them down. Put a start and end date to each one. Identify potential obstacles. Where's the people or groups you can utilize to help you? Address the skills and knowledge that are needed to achieve your goals. Have an action plan and identify the benefit of achieving these goals. Be motivated by the incentive or pay-off.

4.      Realize that delays have consequences and try to address why you are putting off a task or goal. Confront these excuses so they can be dealt with.

5.      Identify exactly what you should be doing during specific hours, dedicating yourself  to working towards your goals. If you find yourself doing something else, stop, and get back to business.

6.      Get real with yourself. Check your attitude and belief system. Know why you do what you do.

7.      Know that poor beliefs, work habits, and personal habits, as well as misperceptions, outside pressure, competition can all work against you. Clean house and get on the right path. Take a day off to start fresh. Avoid negative talk and negative people. Me a ranger office. Make some changes.

8.      Start your workday a little earlier, and a little longer than you have been. Seek out positive, successful people to surround yourself with. Identify two or three areas that need immediate attention and take action on them. Figure out five things you could be doing to work smarter and harder.

9.      Read the books and writings of Orison Swett Marden, the founder of Success/Magazine. He said: "Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men take them.” He also said "The greatest enemies of achievement are fear, doubt, and vacillation.”

10.  Wake up and smell positivity. Change your morning wake up attitude.

11.  “You already know what to do, you’re just not doing it," says Gitomer.

12.  “Quit complaining and start producing…Take ownership of your life and the rest follows… Love of what you do turns obligation into opportunity,” says Gitomer.

13.  “The best time to get shit done as right now," says Gitomer.

14.  “Achievement is compounded daily (or not). The win is as much mental as it is. The cost of achievement is mostly time invested time," says Gitomer.

So what hold you back -- and what will you do about it?

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