Friday, March 12, 2021

Can Authors Improve Their Book’s Discoverability?

Books get discovered by consumers every day. What are some of the ways people come to get introduced to the books they buy – and can such moments be influenced by the author?

Some things are out of an author’s hands, such as:

·         Amazon’s recommendation algorithm

·         Consumers browsing store shelves

·         Potential book buyers searching the offerings of online stores, such as amazon, audible,,, etc.

·         Patrons of libraries coming across your book and deciding to buy it

·         How your book comes up in search engines 

Certainly, some things can be influenced by an author, including: 

·         Speaking at events, bookstores, and libraries

·         Holding virtual events by Zoom

·         Posting on Kickstarter

·         Participating in a discount program – BookBub, EarlyBirdBooks, BookPark, etc.

·         Advertising the book

·         Submitting for book awards

·         Seeking book reviews from consumers and the media

·         Getting testimonials from friends, family, experts, influencers

·         Contacting those who previously bought your book

·         Being a guest writer on a hot topic in an unsaturated genre

Though an author can’t force the news media to cover him or her, whether by reviews, interviews, or feature stories, authors can commit time and resources to pursuing the media. Such coverage from the media can certainly impact book sales and discoverability.

If an author hits a bestseller list it helps with discoverability. Now you might say that once you hit a best-seller list, you have obviously been discovered, but not so fast. Given some lists may only need a few thousand sales to get on them, this means the vast majority of America’s 330 million citizens did not buy your book. But they may discover you once you make a best-seller list.

Book marketing is like investing in Wall Street. Diversify your portfolio. You can utilize not just one method of discoverability, but many, often in a complementary, coordinated fashion. Put out a cool video on You Tube. Share it on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Boost the post and buy ads. While that goes on, speak at a bookstore, solicit friends and family for amazon book reviewers, and beg those who bought your first book to buy the newest one.

The key to discoverability?

Get out there and circulate. Give your book a chance by thrusting it into as many situations as possible. And let karma take its course. Sometimes it takes a lot of hard work and persistence to help you catch a lucky break.

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