Saturday, March 13, 2021

The Psychology of Book Marketing

There is a psychology to life that can make anyone see the same set of circumstances and facts as good or bad or neither. Things are what they are, but each of us applies our own perspective to life and end up determining whether we are happy or sad.

We all know this, but authors may not understand the role their mental state plays in how they market their brand and promote their book.

An author’s approach to book marketing is not immune to psychology, leaving some authors to miss opportunities simply because of how they view things and not because of what the situation actually calls for.

So what can be done here to help authors to not let their psychological makeup interfere with their progress, and instead have it work for them?

I don’t believe an author can fully change the core of whom he or she is, but that is not reason enough to not try. Even a small change can yield big results.

Step one: Gather facts and consult with others to get as accurate a picture as possible of what you have done to market your book, honest assessments on results, and a review of how to improve things.

Step two: Explore what else can be done to market yourself and commit time and money to doing them.

Strep three: At every step of the way, let facts rule over fears, and temper your view of potential negative outcomes with that of potential positive ones.

Step four: See a therapist to see through what blocks you from succeeding. Consult a book marketing coach to help you tackle the strategies needed to break through.

Step five: Develop mantras or slogans that drive you to overcome challenges, setbacks or fears. Keep a positive, empowered mindset without distraction. Suck down some self-help seminars or books to gain a healthy dose of you-can-do-it thinking.

You are not crazy for having concerns about your book’s fate. Hard work, luck, resources, and creativity are needed to give you a fighting chance. But when you let a shortcoming, weakness, loss, or fear to drive you off a cliff you have made a wrong turn on your journey.

Optimists can fail but often succeed.
Pessimists can succeed but often fail.

Know which one you are but don’t just accept either fate without fighting to do better, reach further, and strive to fulfill your dream.

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