Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Authors: Don’t Say No So Fast


Authors are unusually gun shy about pulling the trigger on doing or paying for publicity and marketing. Folks, learn a lesson from me about why we should not be so afraid or negative about taking a chance on something new to us.

My wife of almost 20 years all too often hears “no” from me. She suggests we buy or do something and my knee-jerk reaction is to abruptly cut her off and to spew out a no.

I have stalled on many requests from my wife, including these:

“Let’s sell the Buick and get a different car.”
“Let’s get a second dog.”
“Let’s get an island for the kitchen.”
“Let’s hire an artist to paint a mural on our wall outside.”

I immediately gravitate to the reasons why it won’t work and enumerate shortcomings over the potential pay-offs and rewards. It is simply a defensive measure.

I seem to resort to calculating the pitfalls and drawbacks rather than gravitating to the potential windfall. I don’t consider myself a negative or pessimistic person, but perhaps I don’t transition to change or new things as well as I should. Am I missing opportunities that could make me a happier, better, even wealthier person?


Why do I do this?

It could be that I act as I do because there is a mix of real factors and imagined ones. These come to mind:

* Something sounds risky, dangerous or wrong even though it is merely just new or unfamiliar to me.
* I lack all necessary information and analysis before I show resistance.
* I don’t see a reason to change
* This will take research and I feel lazy
* I simply failed to think it through before rejecting something
* I misunderstood something about the proposed project
* Exhibit a fear of the unknown or change
* Imagined cash flow issues even though I can afford it
* Some facts are not yet known before I pass judgement
* I assume better options exist when they may not

We should weigh all factors and get more information — and then make a decision. Sometimes more restraint or a conservative approach is needed. But not always. We must remain optimistic, opportunistic, and on the offensive.

I have never been a trendsetter. I am not an early adopter of any technology. I am not the first to do something. I guess I simply don’t take enough risks or jump into ground-level opportunities. I don’t initiate change; I merely respond to it. I am content.

Do I need psychoanalysis?

No, because my way works to a degree. But I do recognize now that it has cost me as well.

I rarely get burned or have a regret. But I also don’t reach as far or high as I should. I miss out on some things. Or worse, I end up doing the thing I initially dismissed after having argued with my wife or tormented myself over what should have been a fun or easier decision.

Let me be a warning shot for you. Don’t deny, delay, or dilute the opportunities in front of you to promote yourself and market your book. Stop saying no so quickly. Cease rejecting what could be a good thing simply because you have a few doubts but not all of the facts. Do not let your uninformed beliefs and biases hold you up. Become the person you really are capable of being and take the necessary action that will define your fate.

You will feel better and grow as a result. And your wife or husband will thank you.

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