Monday, March 8, 2021

Today Is Go Market Your Book Day


Authors must make every day National Go Market Your Book Day. Without marketing, a good book dies a silent death.

Okay, so I made this date up, but there are hundreds, no thousands, of honorary days, weeks and months that cover everything from the silly, National Donut Day, to the serious, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  These honorary days – as well as holidays or anniversaries of major events – serve as good excuses for the media to interview you or cover your book, provided you find a bridge to connect your message with what they are giving ink, pixels, and airwaves too.

So how do you come to learn what these special days are?

Consult each of these sites, as they may vary in what they cover:


Scroll through these sites. First look at days that jump out to you as an obvious connection to the subject matter that you cover and have experience, training, or knowledge in. Then look at the not so obvious, finding a way to link your message to other honorary days.

For instance, National Nutrition Day is March 11. Let’s say you are involved in healthcare, food industry, or the fitness world. You may use this date as an excuse to pitch the media. But you could also go after days that honor junk foods, such as National Hot Dog Day (July 22) or National Ice Cream Day (July 19), or National Cookie Day (December 4), and talk about such foods in a healthy context.

The key is to look forward by a number of months to develop an editorial calendar of dates you can pitch yourself to. If you know something is happening in two months, that gives you time to develop a pitch, create a media list, and circulate your pitch to them. Some media, such as magazines, work three to four months in advance.

Social media is more immediate, of course. You can dish up targeted posts in the days leading up to – and on the day of – any honorary date.

You can craft a blog, podcast or video in time to be shared within the week of an honorary day.

From animals, foods, and history -- to hobbies, careers, and diseases -- there are so many dates that any writer can latch on to. Here’s a hint. If you can’t find one honorary date to connect to, your book probably has no readership demographics and should never have been published. I don’t suspect that will be the case, though.

Now go celebrate today. It is sure to honor 10-20 things, events, people, or foods.

And maybe your book!

Brian Feinblum, the founder of BookMarketingBuzzBlog, can be reached at  He is available to help you market your book, promote your brand, or get you published. Please contact him for assistance.

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