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Can Authors Sell Books Doing This?



Let’s establish one point upfront: Authors are salespeople.

Sure, they write, but first and foremost their occupation is in sales. So, how do we create a smart and successful salesperson?

We each sell something all the time. You sell yourself to get into a good college, get a date with someone attractive, to get hired for a great job, and on and on. You sell yourself to win friends, influence people, and negotiate favorable terms in any transaction or circumstance.

Well, now is the time to sell your book, promote your message, and market your brand. Yes, now!

“Ok,” you might say, and then ask: “Well, how do I go about doing that?”

Simple: Develop ideas, research, secure resources, brainstorm, test the idea, act on it, experiment and refine things, review successes and failures, and determine a plan forward. Always take action. Always be selling.

But before you get into the details of all that, you simply must put yourself in the frame of mind of a marketer. Immerse your being into an opportunistic mindset. Embrace the go-getter attitude. Feel the energy needed for you to launch into your marketing. Get psyched up. Now go, go, go!

Oh wait. You have questions, baggage, and all kinds of hold-ups, hangups, and a lack of confidence. Maybe you lack certain skills or knowledge. Perhaps your schedule, lifestyle or health handicap you. Sure, some blend of pessimism, excuses, past failure, and a lack of inspiration or support have taken a toll on you. But you have weathered the storm and are still here.

So is your book. It needs to be sold. What will you do?

Perhaps you simply need a tutorial on the act of selling. You can sell via social media, advertising, speaking at events, direct marketing emails, traditional media, and other modes. WHAT you sell — and through which platform or tool — is secondary to HOW you sell.

Solution? Learn how to sell.

There are numerous books, online courses, and trainings one can consume. After a while they say similar things. And what you will conclude is that sales come from the heart, where your passion meets a buyer’s emotions, and where your personality meshes with a consumer’s belief system.

Heed this insight from a sales pro, Lee B. Salz, author of Sell Different! He wrote: “Over the years, I have had the opportunity to interview buyers about their frustrations with salespeople. Their three biggest complaints are that salespeople don’t make them feel special, they aren’t genuine, and they aren’t responsive.”

Another bit of advice from his book is that you need to identify who your reader/customer is. Don’t chase everyone or you will catch no one. Target, target, target.

“If people see value in what you are selling, they will buy at the prices you want,” he adds.
What can you say or show that indicates a strong value proposition? What do you provide that is first, up-to-date, better, or unique compared to the competition? Show them the answer, even when they don’t ask the question.”

Once you sell a book you are in line to receive recommendations and referrals. A sale to one can beget sales to others. This only happens if someone likes your book. But remember, without a good review or recommendation from a trusted person or source, people only buy a book based on promises, perceptions, and potential. Get them to feel that you offer what they need or desire.

Are you ready to sell your book? You are on a dual track of selling while simultaneously learning how to sell. Summon the strength, courage, and conviction to sell your book like you have the cure for cancer. Believe in yourself.

Get out there and hustle. That is what authors do. Writers are salespeople. Think that way. Act that way.



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