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Celebrate "I Love To Write Day" on November 15!


Author John Riddle founded a wonderful day to celebrate writing. Celebrate it this Nov. 15th!

“I was inspired to start I Love To Write Day as a way for anyone to designate a "special day" to spend time writing,” he says. “Often times people need a little encouragement to write...and by having a "special day" it makes it easier. I Love To Write Day has inspired people from all across the U.S. to "release their inner writer," and discover they actually love to write!”

Here’s an interview with Riddle: 

1.      Why did you start I Love To Write Day?  

In the spring of 2002, I was driving from my home in Delaware to the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer’s conference in Asheville, North Carolina, where I was scheduled to speak.  My oldest daughter, Bonnie, was in the car with me; she was a college student at the time and interested in attending some of the workshops. Even though she was already a published writer, she knew the value of learning more about the craft of writing. 

 As I was passing through the Richmond, Virginia, area, I was thinking about a magazine interview I had to do the following week. Normally I am the one interviewing someone and then writing an article, but this time I was going to be the subject of the article. Writer’s Digest magazine wanted to do a profile of me, highlighting my success in writing for so many Websites over the past few months.

 When I worked in the fundraising field a number of years ago, I loved planning big special events. One time I tried to set the Guinness Book of World Records by having the largest number of people dance the “Twist” in one location. I even got Chubby Checker to tape some Public Service Announcements to help promote the event. As a writer and author, I knew I needed a website, and I came up with the name, I Love To Write Day.  It wasn’t long before the idea of holding the ‘world’s largest party for writers’ came about.

 I told Bonnie to “remember this moment,” because I “officially declared” November 15 to be I Love To Write Day, and I knew that I Love To Write Day would be a success.

 However, never in my wildest dreams did I believe how successful it would become! About two weeks after the conference was over, I established the I Love To Write Day Website and began sending out press releases to media outlets all across the United States. I also sent information to schools, bookstores and libraries.

 About ten days later I started getting numerous media requests for interviews and more info about I Love To Write Day.  

2.     How does one celebrate it?  

As long as you spend at least 15 minutes writing something, that's all you need to do to be a part of I Love To Write Day!  I receive e-mails, letters and cards from people of all ages...from all across the U.S....and they share how they celebrated the day.  Some write poetry, others start a novel, some even finish a novel.  The possibilities are endless!  

3.     It's been 19 years since you launched it; how has it caught on?  

      In the early years of ILTWD, I tried to keep track of how many schools participated.  The first year there were just over 11,000 schools, and when that number finally reached 30,000, I stopped counting.  Bookstores, libraries, writing groups, community centers, churches and even a few malls have joined in the fun.  So far, 9 Governors have "officially declared" Nov. 15th as I Love To Write Day in their states (I have the "official proclamations"), and I Love To Write Day is now in the "Congressional Record).  Each year it seems as if more people and groups are participating, and that's GREAT!  


4.     With 4000 newly minted books a day, do we need to encourage more people to write? 

YES.  Not everyone will write a book.  As you know, many people will find writing to be therapeutic, and that's a good thing!  And children will overcome their "fear of writing," and become better students. 

5.     Where can people find more information?  

      More information can be found at


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