Tuesday, May 8, 2012

70 Thoughts On Books, Writing, Reading .. Life!

1.      If I can write it, I can live it.

2.      Writing is better than living.

3.      If something can’t be found in a book it’s not important.

4.      If you didn’t read it in a book it didn’t yet happen or it didn’t get imagined yet.

5.      Fiction today is tomorrow’s truth.

6.      Never ban a book.  Instead have others read it, discuss it, dismiss it.

7.      Novels record the history of the future.

8.      The world we create on paper will always be bigger than the world we live in.

9.      One becomes a dictator, in part, because he read the wrong books.

10.  Books are like costumes that you get to wear and become someone else and live in some other state of being.

11.  Books can put us all on the same page, but often we’re reading different books.

12.  You are what you read.

13.  Feed the mind a good book—or some chocolate.

14.  The world can be found in books—no travel required.

15.  Books transport your mind to other times, places, perspectives—without getting out of your pajamas.

16.  Live another life in the books you read.

17.  Reading is a gift that keeps on giving.

18.  Have you read a book today?  Did you write one?  Judge your day by your answers.

19.  A book will always be a timeless love that is loyal, enjoyable, and true.

20.  Books can’t replace people—but we can try!

21.  Nothing can substitute what books can do for us.

22.  George Orwell told us to fear a totalitarian government, but we must fear a monopolistic Amazon more.

23.  Fear not Armageddon, but be leery of Amazonageddon.

24.  Imagining life, then writing about it, is like recording a historical fantasy.

25.  Life’s questions get answered in books.  And books explore even more questions that don’t get answered.

26.  Words can cure, they can celebrate, they can resolve, they can inspire, they can inform, and most of all, they can live forever in books.

27.  You can’t collect books and expect to own the ideas in them—unless you read them.

28.  Books are a living art.

29.  The reader determines if a book is good or bad—not the author.

30.  The writer is always right but the reader may differ with you.

31.  The best way to change life is to script a whole new one for yourself. 

32.  Novels are only fictitious until someone lives them.

33.  Fiction reinvents life’s reality.

34.  A book is a puzzle, where one arranges words in a certain pattern that can open the reader to even more puzzles.

35.  Great writers write a lot, but they also read too.

36.  Sometimes more people talk about a book than have actually read it.

37.  Not all books are created equally, but they are each special.

38.  One enjoys a book in proportion to the life experiences he or she brings to it.

39.  The great equalizer to any of life’s short comings can be found in books.

40.  As we age our politics go the way we read, from left to right.

41.  What is more important: Who wrote a book or what that book says?

42.  Should we care what a writer was thinking when he wrote his book or should a book stand on its own merits?

43.  The worst crime is plagiarism.  In the process, you rip off one writer while subjugating your own views, thoughts, and original ideas.

44.  Books can transform our lives and change the world.  But they can also make us live lazy, trivial lives.  Which book are you reading?

45.  Some books are great because a wise editor left something out.  We’ll never know, as readers, what an editor did for a book.

46.  I’ve never seen someone commit a crime while reading a book, so let’s get more people to read more often. 

47.  Digital books will never go out of print but they can become outdated.  Authors will have to update and revise their works many times. 

48.  A book is only as good as the impact it has on the reader’s life.

49.  Books feed the mind and the soul.  One who doesn’t read will starve.

50.  Some books are like junk food.  They delight for the moment but leave you feeling empty later on.  Choose your books wisely.

51.  You read what you want to become.

52.  Nothing is stronger than the words and ideas found on a book page.

53.  Authors may not always be right when they write, but they can always try to write away a wrong.

54.  At some point schools no longer make reading books fun because they overload students and then teach to a test.

55.  Experiment with the books that you read—it will save you time and money in how you live your life.

56.  The proliferation of free books may only lead to more free books.  Who will profit from that?

57.  Authors are never content with their content.

58.  Writing a book is nothing compared to the effort needed to get it published, promoted, and sold.

59.  If one writes in their spare time, when do they have time to promote and market it?

60.  Skimming a book is like listening to every third word of a speaker.  You may be left with a completely new message than was intended.

61.  If ego drives writers, it probably drives readers.

62.  If given a choice between writing or reading a book, which one would you choose?

63.  If you write a book that you believe no other could have written, you are a genius.  If you copy others, you may end up rich.

64.  Books are the intellect’s answer to crimes, bullies and liars.  Words can lead others to put their arms down.

65.  Words have sounds, images, tastes and touches—but they are all in the mind of the reader.

66.  What if you switched the order to your book’s chapters?  What kind of book would you have?

67.  The best writers cannot edit themselves.  They rarely will read over what they write?

68.  Books appear to compete with each other but really it’s their PR, advertising or marketing that competes with one another. 

69.  People choose the feeling they anticipate they will experience as a result of the book they select to read.

70.  The Bible is the most popular book ever published.  Everyone battles for second place.

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