Thursday, May 17, 2012

Book Publishing’s Horoscope

While no one has a crystal ball to peek into the future, we do have horoscopes.  Though I’ve never taken horoscopes seriously I do take inspiration from reading them.  They offer words of encouragement.  Sometimes I’ll read the horoscopes of other astrological signs though I do favor my own sign (Pisces).  As I recently skimmed the prognostications offered by Jennifer Angel in the New York Daily News, I realized almost everything that was said—for all signs—could apply to authors and publishing in general.  Here are a few lines—see if they fit you:

“To be passionate is to be exited and tenacious about everything you do.  People with passion make life happen.  Associate with like-minded people, and it will help you more in the direction of your dreams.”

“Some people may not understand your obsession for excellence, but they will when you reach your goals.”

“You have so much of your own stuff to deal with,you may not have time to hold someone else’s hand now.  You need to be productive with your time.”

“You have decisions to make and some situations are changing.  The last thing you need is to get involved with people who like to cause trouble.”

“If you want to advance, step up to a challenge.  Don’t let a fear of rejection stop you from achieving your dream.”

“Emotional baggage can cripple you to where it stops you from moving forward.”

“You know what makes you happy, and now is not the time to let your dreams go.”

“Even if there is a chance to recapture something you once had, it will never be exactly the same.”

Certainly a horoscope is merely a suggestive scenario as to how some may have their day unfold.  But horoscopes are not our fated destinies.  We determine our path, coupled with factors out of our control, to live our lives to the fullest.  As a writer, as one in the book industry, and as a human being, you should embrace whatever truths guide you, and be the best you can be under the circumstances and context in which your life exists.  I see a bright future ahead because I choose to see that.  What do you predict for yourself? 

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