Monday, May 7, 2012

A Savior For The Book Industry?

Help is On The Way
When Microsoft announced this week that it was investing 600 million dollars to support Barnes & Noble and the Nook, the stock price of the nation’s largest book store chain jumped dramatically. And with good reason.  The e-reading device is the best competitor to Amazon and its Kindle, and with a powerhouse like Microsoft as a partner, there is hope that BN can survive—maybe even thrive.

Target Scores A Bull’s-Eye On Amazon

Target announced its 1763 stores will give Amazon’s Kindle the boot in a few weeks.  Amen!

Anything that slows down or weakens Amazon’s grip on the book market is great news for the book publishing industry. 

Why did Target take this unprecedented action?

One reason could be that Apple is rolling out in-store shops at select Targets this year.  Perhaps Apple demanded Amazon’s ouster.  Another reason is that Target has a disdain for Amazon using Target as a showroom for shoppers and then encourage would-be customers to use Amazon’s “Price Check” app to shop elsewhere online, presumably at Amazon.

Target will still carry the Nook. 

Awards Are Bullshit—Except When You Win One!

Recently, I took the Pulitzers to task for not giving out its annual award for best fiction and in the process acknowledged that all awards are weakened by the fact they are given in part out of bias, ignorance, politics, and money.  This is as true for the Oscars and Grammy’s as it is for awards in other industries.  But I am happy to say that I’m enjoying being a recipient of a 2012 Bulldog Media Relations Award for the best PR campaign in the Arts & Entertainment category.  The PR firm I work for, MEDIA CONNECT, won it for the work we did for my client, Insight Editions, in promoting Henry Winkler’s I Never Met an Idiot on the River.  We promoted the book about Fonzie’s love of fly fishing.  It made the NYT bestseller list and he got lots of terrific publicity.  I received notice of the award the other day and for a moment felt proud and appreciated.  But the recognition wears off fast because I know all awards are baloney. 

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