Saturday, February 9, 2013

Interview With A 4th Generation Psychic Medium & Author

Interview With  Author LINDA LAUREN

1.   Why is your best-seller, Hostage in Time being re-released? Because the story is so rich in history that I added a new foreword to it. That new foreword contains a story about the ghost of Thomas Edison and my experience with him, and I really wanted to share it.

2.  What is it Hostage in Time about? While filming the historic Serenity house, home of Thomas Edison’s patent attorney Jonathan Brisbane, things become very complicated for photographer Amanda Lloyd when she suddenly finds herself transported back in time to 1884. Accused by Brisbane of being a spy, she is put under house arrest, becoming a hostage to history. As she becomes accustomed to life in the 19th century, her growing love for Jonathan is shattered when a scorned traitor sets them up, forcing the pair to work together to unravel the secrecy of missing documents before Amanda is arrested for treason and history is changed forever. With the help of a spiritualist medium, they are able to find and understand their destiny—but is it already too late? Hostage in Time will leave you guessing until the final climactic sequence..

3.   Why are people fascinated by time travel? The question really is why wouldn't they be? The desire to escape the reality of our world and see what other times were like is something very strong in every person.   

4. You are a fourth generation medium and psychic. Is it common for such capabilities to run in families? Yes. However, it's very important that the family nourish it in the generations to follow. Otherwise it doesn't exist for more than one generation. In my family, I was able to have it nourished by the maternal side, and my father.

5.  How did you learn to harness your power?  I don't consider it a power because it's something we all have if we choose to sacrifice and develop it. But to achieve and create personal power for my work has been through meditation. That is the single most important thing I do to harness what I do.

6. Any advice to struggling writers? Yes! Meditate. Meditate. Meditate. And never give up. if you have a belief in yourself you can do anything. And a good editor is a sure helpful person! So be sure to hook up with the right people professionally.

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