Tuesday, February 12, 2013

When The Media Is The News

Do You Get Paid $16 A Word?
Most authors, if they are lucky, make a few cents for every word they have published in a book. Maybe there is more money in TV. Advertising Week figured out, with the help of political analyst Eric Ostermeier, that Fox News commentator Sarah Palin earned about $15.85 for every word she uttered during three years worth of appearances.

Do People Agree With You?
People buy from whom they know and what they like. According to a survey, published by APCO Worldwide, 40% of consumers report they refused to buy a brand because they didn’t agree with its corporate policies or practices. Think about who you are and what you stand for and how others view you. Chances are your image greatly influences whether people will buy your book or purchase anything from you.

Wall Street Journal’s Video Journalism
The Wall Street Journal is launching World Stream, which uses tech startup Tout (described as Twitter for videos allowing users to make 15-second videos) to let its reporters shoot short videos on their smart phones and  immediately post them to supplement coverage of breaking news. Will other news media go this route?

Have You Eaten From Twitter’s Vine?
Twitter, not content on giving us ADHD from twitching tweets at an absurd 140-character pace, recently announced its six-second video social media site, Vine. It’s only available as an app on iPhones and mobile Apple products right now. IT is obviously looking to take on You Tube and Google, but I am not sure that introducing something based on length limitations to our communications is really necessary and useful. Then again, because it exists it will get used. And the more it is used, the more it will get used – until interest peaks and the competitor launches something better or just different like 20-second songs and 15-page books.

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