Sunday, January 4, 2015

Authors Should Just Ask Bloggers For Attention

If you want a blogger to review your book or interview you or allow you to guest post, just ask him or her for exactly that.  Really, that’s the whole strategy.

Just ask.

Ok, they could say no or ignore you.  So what do you need to do to make it a stronger ask?

First, make sure you are asking the right blogger.  Contacting a food blogger for a book about sports won’t get you far.

Second, know the blog that you pitch.  Comment on it to the blogger – make them feel you understand what they do and like it.

Third, make your request short and to the point.  Give them a paragraph on your book, a paragraph on yourself, and then tie it together to show how it could be relevant to the blog’s readers.

Fourth, try to sound helpful – show that you have good content and ideas available, let them know you are reachable 24/7, and open to working together.

Fifth, reciprocation helps.  If you have a large following, indicate you’d be glad to share their blog link with your social media followers.

Sixth, don’t just explain what you do and what your book’s about.  Share such info in a way that suggests you are here to serve the blog’s need and that its readers will benefit from what you have to say.

Seventh, personalize your pitch.

Eighth, offer the blog something others have not been offered, like an exclusive.

Lastly, seek to relate to them on a personal level.  Look at their profile or Google the blogger’s name and learn more about this person.  Can you find a connection based on geography, family, hobbies, pets, etc.?  Ok, if that doesn’t work, try telling a joke, or resorting to bribery, or trading your first-born.

Otherwise, just ask!


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