Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Media’s 9 Favorite Subjects: Pay Attention, Authors

From Sex Parties To The Bible

When you scan magazine covers and newspaper headlines, as I often do, you start to think the world’s affairs only come down to money, health, death, sports, entertainment, crime, sex, religion, and politics.  That’s it.  All else is a footnote.

Go ahead and see for yourself.  A Newsweek cover and a special Time edition featured The Bible.  People and Glamour and the like sold us entertainment.  Psychology Today, prevention, and Cosmo sold us on mental and physical fitness.  The numerous business publications focused on wealth while news magazines covered politics.  Maxim had a cover featuring a scantily clad honey and separate story about the return of the sex party.  The New York Daily News highlighted cop-shootings and Baseball Hall of Fame inductions.  See a pattern?

I would suggest that an author’s book promotions and branding efforts find a way to meet the needs of the media.  The news media can cover many types of stories – and does – including cooking, parenting, museum reviews, space exploration, lawsuits, humor and more – but it tends to dwell on and highlight a steady diet of money, health, death, sports, entertainment, crime, sex, religion, and politics.  When you can combine multiple subjects and localize or thematically centralize them you will have a winner.  I named nine subject areas – out of scores of possibilities because that’s what the media has reduced itself to.  That’s its formula for selling itself.  You should follow it.

Now, any of these key areas can be broken down a hundred different ways.  “Money” is a broad term.  This includes careers, jobs, leadership, starting a business, bankruptcy, wealth, poverty, investing, different industries, specific companies, laws, banks, etc.  But all of it adds up to people looking to earn a buck, grow it, or protect it from taxes, thieves, inflation, competition, divorce, lawsuits, or incompetence.

Further, look at how these topics are covered.  There’s a pattern, one that includes stories on:

·         Myths: 5 wrongs don’t make a  right when it comes to interviewing job applicants
·         Rules: The new rules for dating a rich guy
·         How-To: 6 steps to starting a business
·         Inspiration: How I overcame joblessness
·         Trends: 10 ways to make money on the weekend
·         Tragedy: How Madoff bankrupted me
·         Advice: 7 tips for better investing
·         Top 10: 10 best people to follow for investment guidance

The media loves:
·         Controversy
·         Contrarian thinking
·         What’s new, what’s no longer in
·         Building up a person – and tearing them down
·         Scandal
·         Fear
·         Honoring heroes

It doesn’t matter if you write fiction, non-fiction, or poetry.  Doesn’t matter if you are atheist or ultra religious.  Doesn’t matter if you are straight, bi, gay, gender=challenged, or asexual.  Doesn’t matter what race you are, how smart you are, or how rich you are.  Follow the media and feed it what it craves and hungers for.

Lastly, the other thing the media wants is a spicy quote, a colorful backstory, and visuals.  Yes, pretty women and athletic guys, cool cars, tall buildings, nature scenes, dogs, babies, explosions, and anything that captures your heart or imagination will do.

By the way, I didn’t mean to leave you on edge about the sex parties.  The new swinging clubs are masspleasures.com, clubhermione.com, killingkittents.com, and sanctumclub.org.  Hey, I’m no dummy.  Sex draws us in every time.  Now find a way to promote your book so it appeals to one of the nine areas the media always covers.


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