Monday, September 7, 2015

Why Writers Need To Stop Writing

We all need to take a break from our daily routine and even our mindset.  Vacations not only relax us, they allow us to return to our old selves feeling renewed, perhaps even changed.  Writers especially need a vacation, even from doing the thing they love most.

Yes, I said it.  Put down that pen.  Step away from the keyboard. Slide your finger off the screen.  Cease fire!

Reload.  Rest.  Relax.

The only way to reinvigorate our love for what we do is to take a break from it.  Even when you eat a great meal you need to pause between courses sand cleanse your pallet.  The saying, Absence makes the heart grow fonder, holds true in relationships – and when it comes to writers toiling in their art.

Writing, for many writers, serves numerous purposes:

·         Career
·         Hobby/Fun
·         Therapy
·         Ego
·         Help Others

But we need to get new ideas and gain fresh insights.

Our imaginations fuel us.  So do the writings of others.  But nothing beats first-hand experiences.  Take a vacation and do something – or nothing at all.  Just stay away from your computer.

Writers need to be in touch with the physical word.  We’re quite cerebral, analytical, emotional, curious, and intelligent.  So we need to throw ourselves into new situations and get the heart beating.  Stop looking to understand or figure out everything – just go out and freely engage the world around you.

It seems like writers of a century ago knew how to live and play hard.  Some of the famous ones would travel, have affairs, get into fights, and battle an addiction.  They found a way to physically and mentally consume life.  Does this mean you need to smoke crack, sign up for Ashley Madison, and join a motorcycle gang?  Of course not – although it sounds like fun to me.  But you get what I’m saying – start doing things.

You might just end up writing about them.


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