Saturday, November 12, 2016

Are Books Good Or Bad?

What does reading books potentially do for us?
·         Boosts our vocabulary.
·         Exposes us to new ideas and concepts.
·         Informs us of facts or history.
·         Inspires or enlightens us.
·         Sharpens reason.
·         Expands intellectual horizons.
·         Stirs fantasies.
·         Helps us see ourselves or the world differently.
·         Makes us feel aligned with a bigger truth.
·         Tests ethical scenarios.
·         Educates us to become better people.

What could books do that is harmful?
·         Gives us an outlet to explore bad ideas and morals.
·         Encourages us to take a negative action.
·         Makes us feel lousy about the world or ourselves.
·         Presents an opposing viewpoint that saddens or angers us.
·         Provides materials of hate, prejudice, violence or illegal activities.

Books can do so many things to so many people depending on how many books one reads – and what genres, publishers, and quality of books are in play.  I would take an educated book reader to be a wonderful person but I know that there are millions of such people who are evil, amoral, and dangerous.  Books alone, I guess, can’t cure the world.

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