Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Why Should You Help The ACLU?

Every Writer Should Donate!

On “Giving Tuesday’ I didn’t donate to anyone, even though there are countless causes to contribute to that are worthy and terrific I had given throughout the year and it was just a week ago that I gave money to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).  It seems like free speech and the First Amendment are always under attack and misunderstood.  In order to protect all of our constitutional rights we must ensure that the First Amendment is preserved, protected, and promoted, for once we lose the right to speak out, we become a frightened, diminished, and lost people.

I encourage everyone to donate to the ACLU.  It’s quite easy to do – and it feels great to click a few bucks to such a wonderfully dedicated and successful organization.  Just go to www.aclu.org and do your part to protect humanity from tyranny, oppression, suppression, and corruption.

It may seem like the First Amendment shouldn’t need protection.  It’s in the Constitution, so what could happen to it?


First off, the Supreme Court could oversee changes to its interpretation, allowing for things to water it down and chip away at it, much like Roe vs. Wade is getting picked apart at certain federal and state levels when it comes to regulations, funding, and other factors that threaten the landmark decision.

Second, how people view and use their freedom of speech is just as important as the powers granted by the law.  If people come to not respect free speech or abuse their privilege, speech suffers and so do our politics and ability to grow as an evolving nation.

Under a Republican Congress and White House, free speech will be in the news more.  President-elect Donald Trump has clearly stated in his election run that libel laws will be strengthened.  He has a bad history of suing anyone who speaks out against him.  The thin-skinned Trump doesn’t take criticism lightly though his Twitter rants do seem to embrace what free speech is all about.  Except that his words usually speak in a nasty tone, often filled with downright attacks, lies and threats.  In many respects, he tests the limits of free speech when he bastardizes the facts and uses words to hurt others.

The ACLU is a true freedom-fighter.  They look out for everyone and as a result, eventually piss-off everyone.  The ACLU, in its bid to protect our sacred rights, will also defend the ugly, such as the rights of neo-Nazis to march, simply because it knows that when people want to march against the government it wants that right to go unchallenged.

The ACLU is involved in many social justice causes.  It is involved in litigation over issues like the Patriots Act and government surveillance of the communications of innocent people.  It defends against voter suppression.  It defends Muslims who are discriminated against.  It protects against unlawful procedures related to immigrant deportations.  It monitors when the government fails to fulfill Freedom of Information Act requests.  The list goes on.

The ACLU has been very active on these issues as well:

·         Rights of protesters
·         Internet speech
·         Student speech and privacy.
·         Finance reform
·         Campaign

The ACLU monitors how the government or police treats its citizens.  It protects women, minorities, and those who are not treated equally or fairly.  From drug laws to the death penalty or free speech to voter rights, the ACLU has done a lot and still needs to do more.  Give now, before it’s too late, before your rights get taken away.

The ACLU, for nearly 100 years, has been the nation’s leading defender of freedom and justice.  I do hope you support them – and as a result, your own rights – and help to keep the United States a truly free nation for all. 

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