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Interview with author April Kirkwood

The Logic Of Illogical Love

Rose Colored Glasses Required

April Kirkwood has two masters in education and over twenty-five years experience in both the public and private sectors of mental health.  But with all of her knowledge she came to a point when her personal life was spinning out of control leaving her in a web of confusion and depression.  After she wrote her memoir, Big Girls Do Cry describing her dysfunctional family, her thirty year affair with Frankie Valli of The 4 Seasons, and the atmosphere of life in the sixties, she began to open the gates to the root of so many issues we each have in life, love, and finding lasting happiness.  Her newest book, The Logic of Illogical Love, Rose Colored Glasses Required, offers methodology, practices, and mental health as we consciously stop chasing after things outside of ourselves and begin the process of self-development stripping aways the layers that have kept you in despair for too long. It’s time to find your rose colored glasses and create a real life.  Your suffering is trying to tell you something.  Don’t postpone happiness.  April is a keynote speaker, radio personality, and blogger who spreads the message  that we are separated from love with others to the same degree that we are separated from ourselves. Let nothing stand the way of self-discovery.

1.        What really inspired you to write your book, to force you from taking an idea or experience and conveying it into a book?
When my first book, Big Girls Do Cry, a memoir about my three decade affair with Frankie Valli of The 4 Seasons came out, I was bombarded by the press and others who wanted to know how I could possibly still have deep affection for those who had hurt me.  Little did I realize that this simple question help me further strip away the garbage I once called ‘living the dream.’ I found myself traveling down a path with each twist and turn finding out how and why I was happy even in the worst of scenarios. I began to write down all that I know, believe and practice that keeps me grounded in peace no matter what life brings my way. This new book explains the beauty of suffering in the logical world and it’s call to each of us to discover our real selves. This beautiful blending of logic and illogical guides readers to a place of well being, good mental health, and a relaxed view of their world.

A question to all who wonder if they should read this book, ‘Have you enjoyed the last hour of your life?”  If the answer is no, get the book now.  You have no time to waste.  Don’t postpone happiness. Walk beyond your fear in the sun with rose colored glasses on.

2. What is it about and whom do you believe is your targeted reader?
This wonderful adventure is about seeing the holes in logic and finding the missing pieces in illogic.  We have as a race gone crazy running after all of the quick fixes outside of ourselves that we have been told is ‘living the dream.’  The thrills of alcohol, social climbing, material acquisition, sexual excess is a short fix leaving us ultimately barren and empty.  We have become a culture of narcissistic pill popping consumers who cannot be satisfied. In truth, these meaningless pursuits all truly only attempts to forget ourselves so we don’t realize how fake we’ve become and how confused we are. In short, we are all miserable surviving from only one high to another.

The Logic of Illogical Love is a way back to finding your authentic self with steps, practices, examples, so you consciously rediscover who you are and what you are here to do.  The book focusses on finding lasting romance, your life’s purpose, and dealing with difficult situations and people. This is not a guide to God or spirituality for those things cannot be found but must be experienced.  The Logic of Illogical Love presents thoughts and ideas that may resonate waking you and shaking you up to what you’ve been all along…a wonderful being capable of giving and receiving great love.

The target audience is the human race. As humans we are flawed at birth with egocentric cravings use fear  in the name of logic that keeps us lost without sight.  There is a way to find your rose colored glasses and be fabulous, every day, every way, for now and forever.

3.  What do you hope will be the everlasting thoughts for readers who finish your book? What should remain with them long after putting it down?
I want readers to become aware of their everlasting essence bridging logic with illogic into a system of mental health that takes away the ache of emptiness and suffering in all humans.  This reading is an exercise in unlearning involving steps as well as exercises in awareness, detachment, spiritual knowing, and living in the now.

I want readers to use these practices and key points to increase the amount of light in their lives erasing the mental blackboard of all that has kept them prisoner to logic.

Key points to remember as begin your journey to the center of yourself:

1.        A clear understanding of negative thoughts and belief systems dismiss them.  Work for that dismissal.

2.       It is right and necessary to struggle and win over self-destructive emotions you hold deep within you.

3.       Never judge yourself by where you’ve been and what you’ve done. You owe no one and explanation. (Your friends don’t need it, your enemies won’t believe you.)

4.       It is a fact….you can be happy.  All you need is rose colored glasses to see what is the truth of illogical love.

5.       The world is full of love when you are filled with love.

6.       You are loved more than you know.

4.  What advice or words of wisdom do you have for fellow writer?
Do not be afraid to risk it all, put it out there naked for all the world to see when you write. Some times as I write, I cry.  I get very emotional and have to take a nap.  It’s ok.  It’s what any creative work is about….setting yourself free, giving it all, and being real. That is the only way to write and live authentically.  It is your gift to others, we are waiting.

5.  What trends in the book world do you see and where do you think the book publishing industry is heading?
Technology is changing the world of publishing opening the door for novice writers to get their work out there.  The down side is that self-publishing brings great challenges for marketing and media outreach.

I consider myself more as a teacher and motivator who happens to write rather than a writer. I am just a woman sharing ideas about love and life.

6. What challenges did you have in writing your book?
As a Mom, girlfriend, and member of society, finding the time is always a problem for me.  I find myself feeling anxious when I’m out to dinner with friends when I truly only want to be nestled away by the fire writing. 

As far as content, organizing the chapters and getting order in my heart’s words is the most difficult part of writing for me.  After I get the book outlined in some semblance of order, I can really get in the groove and move forwards.

Lastly, people bother me when I’m in the zone and I get upset.  Ugh I want to cry out, ‘just let me write!”

7. If people can only buy one book this month, why should it be yours?
This is a book written by a woman growing up without money, in the midwest in the sixties who has been through hell with a dysfunctional family, picking the wrong men, messing up with careers, and struggles with her kids.  I wouldn’t dare let a ghost writer touch my legacy as I see The Logic of Illogical Love as my gift to others helping them discover what they had all along. I openly reveal in nakedness what I’ve learned, purposeful  methodology and intimate moments so you find your rose colored glasses and your higher purpose.This is a personal book of how you, like me, with all of the messes, can still be happy without the crap of the world leading you down the wrong path.  In stillness, in rest, in love for ourselves is the realization of our worth and the door to finding love.

For more information: www.aprilkirkwood.com

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