Friday, December 30, 2016

10 Ways To Overcome Your Book Marketing Fears

Book marketing is not something every author wants to do. Far more people would rather write a book than promote it.  But today’s writer doesn’t have the luxury of choosing whether his or her book gets marketed.  No, the writer of 2017 and beyond only chooses whether to pay for help or not, but if he or she wants a book to gain readers, book marketing is a must.  For some authors, it may be a matter of clearing up misperceptions, fears, or concerns regarding the art of book marketing.  Once a writer has a clearer understanding of what book publicity is all about, he or she may feel more inspired, confident, and assured about how to go about marketing a book.

Here are 10 negative views about book marketing and new ways to put them in perspective, so they don’t hold you back from doing what really needs to be done:

1.      Some will see me as desperate
Not at all.  Promoting your book is an art practiced by millions of writers.  There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself out there and seeking attention for yourself.  Do it in a professional and classy way and you should come off in a proper light.

2.      People will see me as a bragger
Others will see you as rightfully tooting your own horn for something worthy – provided you don’t come off sounding as a self-centered know-it-all.  Besides, Trump became president by bragging, so maybe there’s no longer shame or stigma attached to highlighting one’s assets.  Look, if you don’t call attention to yourself, who will?

3.      Some in my profession will see me differently
Yes, in a positive way.  They may even feel jealous of your success and notoriety, but you’ll only gain credibility with every story or interview put out by the news media.

4.      I don’t know how to hype myself.
You don’t have to exaggerate, lie or present yourself in a distorted way.  Just put your best foot forward and present your strongest points and credentials.

5.      I’m fearful of being in the limelight
Don’t get a swelled head.  Not everyone cares about you or even notices the media coverage that you get.  You likely won’t become as famous as a real celebrity, star athlete or politician – but you can get exposure for your brand and book in a meaningful way.  Don’t worry, chances are, even with a successful PR campaign, your anonymity to the general public will remain.

6.      I’m not a natural marketer
Look, if you can make a phone call, write an email, or speak in front of 20 people you can do this.  If you’re really shy, skip public appearances but be active online with social media and other areas of marketing.  With some practice, prep, and focus you can do a terrific job promoting your book.

7.      I lack sex appeal – in my looks or my book
Not everyone has to be beautiful or write about something glamourous to get attention.  Sure it helps to be attractive or to write about things people find fascinating, but take what you have and make the most of it.  Look, even a book on tax strategy becomes sexy if the reader needs or wants good tax advice.

8.      By raising my public profile, I come under greater scrutiny
This is true, but why is it a problem?  Are you doing something wrong or illegal?  If you have a guilty conscience, book marketing is the least of your challenges.  Assume you are always being watched by competitors, enemies or crazies.  Assume the government scrutinizes you.  Act professionally, fairly, ethically, and pleasantly and fear nothing.

9.      I don’t have enough time to marketing a book
Either hire someone to help, prioritize your time better, or stop writing books.

10.  I don’t want to give away books, information or resources
You don’t have to give away a lot, but you need to be willing to share some ideas, experiences, or tools to help others and make them feel you are helpful.  Whatever you give away in content you will make back many times over in book sales, networking, branding, media exposure, and possibly clients (if you sell a service, are a speaker, or are in sales).

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