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Interview with Author TC Joseph

Penance: Book 3 of the This Generation Series

1. What really inspired you to write your book, to force you from taking an idea or experience and conveying it into a book?
For nearly 30 years, I was a businessman in New York City. It was a very interesting life. Eight years ago, I took an early retirement to care for my mother who suffered a massive stroke. It wasn’t long into the daily grind of elder care that I realized I needed to do something to keep my mind occupied and to make up for the active social life I had enjoyed previously.

I often joke and say that the characters of my novels first came about as imaginary friends to compensate for the sudden solitude of my life. But that’s not entirely true. The stint at elder care merely gave me the time to reflect on my life and my passion for Bible prophecy.

I think one of the neatest things about this whole exercise is that I got to pay homage to some real-life heroes that I have been privileged to know in life.  The characters of Chris, Vinnie, Gabe, and David all have their beginnings in the lives of some great men of God who have blessed my life.

2. What is it about and whom do you believe is your targeted reader?
The This Generation Series of books is based on a simple premise: The prophecies of various cultures all point to this generation as the one to see significant, possibly catastrophic, societal changes. Looking from various angles, there is a point where these prophecies intersect with thoughts commonly called conspiracy theories. My characters live at the point where these prophecies and theories merge.

That all sounds kind of “heady”, but the books are propelled by really engaging characters, exciting plot twists, fast-paced storylines, and hard-driving action. In short, these books are a lot of fun!

This brings me to the targeted reader.  The characters, action, and storyline should make this series compelling for anyone looking for a fun read! But if you’re looking to explore some of the concepts of conspiracy theorists and Bible prophecy, then these are the books for you. If you’re someone who has an itchy feeling that things just aren’t as they seem and that the world is on the brink of major change, then these books are for you too!

3. What do you hope will be the everlasting thoughts for readers who finish your book? What should remain with them long after putting it down?
I guess I would say this:  Things aren’t as they seem. Prophesied events will come to pass, although not necessarily as everyone suspects. Open eyes and ears are the best way to filter through the daily news to see the broader pattern of events being woven in world events.

4. What advice or words of wisdom do you have for fellow writers?
Listen to your editors when they are giving you style points and writing advice, but stay true to your vision for your characters. Nobody will understand and love your characters the way you do.

5. What trends in the book world do you see and where do you think the book publishing industry is heading?
I don’t know how to answer this question. I was taken aback to learn that overall book sales only rose last year on the back of adult coloring books. Absent them, book sales would have fallen. I certainly wouldn’t have seen that one coming.

I can tell you what I would like to see more of – a return to books with complex storylines where you don’t know the ending on page one, with realistic characters that stay with you and even inhabit your dreams, and with enough length that you feel a part of the character’s lives. These are the types of books I loved growing up—books like Gone with the Wind, Stephen King’s The Stand and Dark Tower series, Taylor Caldwell’s Captains and Kings, and Pat Conroy’s The Lords of Discipline.

6. What great challenges did you have in writing your book?
The actual writing of these books has been pretty easy. When I’m in writing mode, I literally wake up each day anxious to see what the characters are going to do or say. Obviously I have certain plot points that I know I need to hit in advance, but the conversations and character interactions were sort of spontaneous.

A harder part for me is the editing. No matter how witty the conversation or compelling the action, if it doesn’t fit the overall pace of the narrative, it has to go. I’ve lamented cutting some of the scenes I’ve sent to the editing room floor—but the overall product is better for it.

By far the hardest part for me is the separation anxiety when the manuscript is sent off to the publisher. The entire writing process is oddly intimate to me and brings about strong emotional ties to my characters. When I send the manuscript off to the publisher, it’s like sending my characters to first grade … and when the readers get to form their own relationships with the characters, it’s like the characters have left home to have a life of their own.

7. If people can only buy one book this month, why should it be yours?
I truly think it is the characters. These books will sweep you into the characters’ lives. I’ve had readers tell me they’ve dreamt of the characters while reading the books. Many  tell me they really want to see these books done as movies or television miniseries—that is because the characters have become so real to them. The readers want to actually see these new friends and foes that have entered their lives.
TC Joseph is a retired executive from a major, global consumer products company. He now lives in the Great Lakes region where he enjoys time with his family. His life-long passion for Bible prophecy combines with his rich and varied life experiences as a global executive to inspire the compelling characters and relentless pace of This Generation Series. For more info, please see:

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