Sunday, December 25, 2016

Rocky, 40 Years Later, Inspires Authors and Book Marketers

I re-watched Rocky VI recently.  My son, about to turn 12, joined me.  He was around the age I was when I saw my first Rocky movie in the theater. It is arguably the best series ever.  Of course, that’s a matter of taste, age, and values, but Rocky is brilliant on a number of levels and it has several lasting, timeless messages about the underdog, courage, willpower and fighting for what you believe in.  Authors and book promoters can learn a lot from watching all of the Rocky movies (yes, even No. 5).

Here are 12 valuable lessons we can apply, as book marketers, from Rocky:

1. The underdog can win.  The odds are against you – to be published, to get media coverage, to be a best-seller.  But, if you believe in yourself, you can persevere and succeed.

2. You are successful once you try.  Too many are too afraid or insecure to go after their writing dream.  Once you take a big step forward and try to become a somebody, you will have won.

3. You have to keep proving yourself.  Even when you are victorious or famous, it doesn’t last forever.  There will be new battles that you’ll have to fight.  You don’t win once and live off of it forever.

4. There will be some punishing days of defeat But you can comeback from any deficit or setback if you prepare hard and stick with the game plan.

5. There will be naysayers close by Tune them out and use their lack of faith in you and their fears of failure to your advantage.  Let it motivate you.

6. Success isn’t handed to you.  Even when an amazing opportunity presents itself, you need to seize it and make the most of it.  You must work hard to just stay where you are – and harder to advance further.

7. Be driven by strong values. Start with believing in yourself and know that life can be challenging.  No one owes you anything and no one is responsible for your success and happiness but you.

8. Lean on a good coach or trainer to help push you further.  Rely on your supportive friends or family. It may fall in your hands to steer your life, but it helps if someone can be a passenger on your journey. Find a good editor.

9. Pour your life into your craft.  Express every anger, fear, or passion through the filter of your writing.  Take all of your life experiences and knowledge and apply it to what’s really important to you.

10. Respond to your environment without complaining.  You need to sometimes operate under hostile or less than ideal circumstances.  Adapt and overcome.

11. Even when you win, you lose something.  Make sure what you give up or sacrifice is worth it.  Rocky risked his health, pain, and life in the ring.  Are you prepared to give something up in exchange for what you want?

12. Stay true to your roots.  Rocky came out of Philadelphia and never left. He gained inspiration from his hometown.  He once said: “The longer you live somewhere, the more you become that place.”  Gain strength from where you come from.

Rocky passes the test of time.  Every viewing of every one of the films still makes me feel something.  I still relate to him, perhaps more than ever.  The 40-year franchise has aged well.  Sure No. 1 and 2 are the best, but each one reprises some strong feelings and inspiration.  Sly Stallone may not be the best actor, although I think the world of him, but he plays this role perfectly and consistently.

It may seem it’s a film series about boxing and sports, but it’s really about life itself.  Do you have what it takes to be a great writer?  Can you get a chance for the big time – and turn it into something spectacular? Do you have the eye of the tiger?

Rock-ee, Rock-ee, Rock-ee.

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