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22 Reasons Why Writers Pursue Book Publicity -- Other Than To Generate Book Sales

Most authors look to pursue a book publicity campaign for reasons other than to generate book sales.  This may surprise some writers, but there are actually 22 reasons why they should promote themselves or utilize the services of a professional book publicity firm.

Now, of course authors want to sell books.  Some even pursue the dream of becoming best-selling authors.  But getting the cash register to go ka-ching may be secondary to these goals and needs of many writers: Here are 22 additional factors as to why a writer executes a book publicity campaign:

1.      Branding
Authors want to build a name for themselves, which can translate into value in the future.

2.      Ego
Let’s face it, writers want their 15 minutes of fame. You know you do.

3.      Sell Movie Rights
If a book gets discovered via the media, a movie could follow.  The book doesn’t have to sell a ton of copies for it to be greenlighted by Hollywood.

4.      Secure A Book Publishing Deal
Self-published or first-time authors could use a PR campaign to get the attention of a bigger publisher.

5.      Shine A Light On An Issue
Advocating for change support, or awareness regarding an important issue or topic can be aided with a book PR tour.

6.      Legal Maneuverings
Perhaps the author can use a book publicity campaign to help with getting favorable treatment in a court case that he or she is involved in or cares about..

7.      Sell Other Products
Aside from trying to sell the new book via a book publicity campaign, media attention for you and your site could help sell backlist titles or supplemental products like DVDs, audiobooks and seminars.

8.      Promote Your Services/Business
If a book publicity tour can help you get more business as a consultant or to drum up customers for your company, go for it!

9.      Get A Job Promotion Or New Job
You can advance your career with a book publicity campaign, as everyone wants to hire “the expert.”

10.  Help A Non-Profit Group
A book publicity campaign can also help spotlight a cause or issue and raise funds for a charity.

11.  Raise Your Speaker Fee/Get More Speaking Gigs
A book publicity tour can lure others into wanting to hire you as a speaker.  A good media campaign can help you justify raising your speaking fee rate.

12.  Seek Public Office
A book and its media campaign could help someone launch a political career or run for office.

13.  Revenge Or Fight Back
A book publicity campaign gives you a platform to speak for something or against someone.  Do you want to get back at someone or fight something?

14.  Bring About Social Justice
Advocating for a better society?  Use your book PR tour pulpit to impact, inspire, and influence others.

15.  Get People To Attend Your Events
Do you want people to hear you speak and pay to come to your events?  Conduct a strong book PR campaign and you’ll put more butts in the seats.

16.  Fun
Doing a media tour for a book can be a really cool experience.

17.  Lay The Groundwork For A Series Or Spinoffs
You can use the book publicity campaign for one book to create interest and excitement for a whole series or a sequel.

18.  Become A Paid Spokesperson
When a book PR campaign establishes you as the perceived expert, you may get hired by companies looking for a high-profile pitchman.  It could be you!

When your No. 1 goal is not to achieve book sales, your book PR campaign requires a different strategy than someone looking only at how many copies will be  sold.  For instance, you would highlight yourself more than the book – and you would push your views/ideas on certain subject matter over merely sticking to promoting the exact contents of your book.  Author PR is a different script than book publicity, though the two are closely linked and are seemingly similar.

Other reasons authors pursue a book publicity campaign could include these:

·         To get hired to work for the news media (host a TV or radio show, write a column for a publication or website, become a podcaster, etc). 

·         To get more clicks to your web site, where you can then charge money for advertising.

·         To sell the products or services of other people, on your web site.

·         To leave a public legacy to one’s family and friends.

Selling some books always sounds like a good idea, but just remember, it’s by far not the only reason writers engage in a book marketing campaign.

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