Friday, March 10, 2017

Do Writers HaveTthe Magic Eye For Book Publicity?

Every Sunday my local newspaper, the New York Daily News, features what it calls “The Magic Eye,” an illustration encoded with a 3-D image that can only be seen when the paper is a certain distance from your eyes.  Allowing your eyes to not focus on the very thing you seek is tricky, but eventually, if you are patient and lucky, you’ll see the secret visual.  This exercise should remind authors that sometimes we are too close to see what is right in front of us.  Sometimes the obvious remains blocked or hidden, simply because we didn’t put it into the proper perspectives.  A little distance can give us a whole new vantage point on life.

Not only is this a lesson in life or one that can be applied to how writers approach their craft, it is something to think about when it comes to promoting a book and executing a book marketing campaign.

Sometimes we need a little distance to help us see ourselves and how we are approaching the writing or marketing of our very own book.  The truth is right in front of us and we often can’t see it – or don’t want to. Here are some things that could help you find your magic eye:

1.      Get a mentor, someone you can bounce ideas off of, and consult with this person regularly.

2.      Consider hiring someone, such as an editor to help shape your writing, or a book publicist, to promote you to the media.

3.      Try to take stock – honestly – of where you are at.  Do some assessments and determine your goals.  Figure out how to bridge the gap or revise your goals.

4.      Keep learning and improving, as a writer and book promoter.  Take a seminar, read a book, or even go back to school.

5.      Get feedback from others and think about how you can address some of the things that people repeatedly tell you.

The other option is to just not concern yourself with things you don’t see or even know exist.  Just go on and be who you feel destined to be and don’t examine yourself too closely. Save your observations and brain power for writing and marketing.  But should you find you’ve stalled out or fell short of where you expected to be, take a closer look, perhaps with the help of others and capture the magic eye.

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