Thursday, March 30, 2017

Do You Support The Creative Coalition?

Based on President Trump’s cut-the-arts budget proposal, all writers, musicians, poets, singers, artists, and creative talent will need to fight back.  Luckily, there’s one group that’s out front lobbying for the arts and entertainment community, The Creative Coalition.  

The non-profit organization speaks out on issues of importance, including First Amendment Rights, public funding for the arts, and arts education in public school.

The Creative Coalition offers advocacy and plays an assertive role in presenting the creative community’s views – testifying before Congress, sponsoring awareness, building events, and actively informing the American public about the issues threatening the sustainability and growth of the artistic community.

Nearly three decades ago, in 1989, Ron Silver brought together a group of writers, actors, producers, directors, agents, designers, and lawyers from the entertainment world and founded The Creative Coalition.

The group not only speaks out on matters of vital importance to the arts and writers, but it also uses its resources and membership to address major issues confronting Americans, including gun control, violence, campaign finance reform, the role of the media, and other topics of broad concern.

In an open letter to visitors of the TCC website – – President Tim Daly says:

“Every American citizen has a right -- and a duty-- to participate in the political process…The Creative Coalition was created by us and for us to ensure that our involvement in the political and policy-making process is well informed and constructively channeled…

“We play a privileged role in national life.  Throughout American history, artists, writers, and entertainers have addressed political issues through their work.  In our free society, novels, movies, musicals, and all the arts have often had a profound impact on political discourse.  But today, many within the creative world speak out directly and forcefully not just through their work, but also as citizens and individuals.

“The Creative Coalition exists to educate, organize, and mobilize the arts and entertainment communities to ensure that those voices are strong, clear, focused, and knowledgeable.”

Indeed, groups like TCC are invaluable and require our support.  Volunteer, donate, and champion the ideals that keep our nation strong and support the book publishing community.

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