Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Why Authors Must Pursue News In An Honest Way

The nation needs news media that it can trust in.  It wants to know what’s going on, especially about the things and people that could impact society and lives.  What role does the author and book publicist play in ensuring that quality, relevant, accurate, and important news is reported?

Authors and book promoters should seek to work with established, legitimate, and respected media brands.  These include:  The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Washington Post, BBC, Bloomberg News, National Public Radio, Reuters, Time, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, Christian Science Monitor, Politico, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, The Atlantic, The Nation, The New Republic, Weekly Standard, National Review, Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, Inc., Fast Company, Bloomberg Business Week and others.  PBS would be better than Fox, CNN over MSNBC, and CNBC over People magazine.

Provide only factual, accurate and current information to the media.  Do not be playful with the facts, nor lie outright.  If you don’t act honestly, you undermine the news media and embarrass yourself.

Offer news-worthy information or analysis that not only is entertaining but actually informative.

Pitch the media stories that debunk other stories you see that appear to be fake, incomplete, misleading, or slanted.

Present your ideas and views in a pro-active manner, but do not look to score points merely for putting others down.  There is little need for creating arguments and attacking others, but you can be controversial and interesting by countering or correcting what’s on the record.

If you discover you shared incorrect information or you find out that you miscalculated something, alert the media that you interacted with.  They will appreciate it.

Think of yourself as journalists in order to best serve their needs.  Read their standard of ethics and put yourselves in their shoes.  Model the appropriate behavior.  Though you don’t have the same burdens or obligations of a journalist, you do have the responsibility of working with them in a decent, professional and productive way.

The news media lacks credibility from political attacks, corporate ownership conflicts, sloppy reporting, pressures to chase ratings over substance, budget cuts to staff that prevent better reporting, and the explosion of alternative media.

Sources, such as FB posts, Tweets, and blogs often prove to be more opinion than news, fueled by bias, ignorance, or selfish reasons.

You can play an important role in what our media reports.  Not only will you benefit from a quantity of quality media outlets writing about you or your book, but so will society.  Do your best to earn your media coverage and to communicate honestly.  Your book -- and the world -- depend on this.

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