Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Do You Really Need A Book Publicist?

The new economy that allows people to simply do things on their own.-- rather than hire someone to do it for them -- is making people feel they can do anything.  Who needs a travel agent when you have Priceline or or Trip Advisor?  Who needs to buy second-hand stuff from a company when you can deal with a seller directly on eBay?  Who needs a human to do something a robot can do?  Why wait online to check out of the supermarket when you can do self-checkout?

So it’s no surprise that some authors mistakenly think they can replace what a professional book publicist does simply because he or she has access to some media lists or because social media is free.  The truth is authors can do more on their own than ever before, but more is also required.  A paid, experienced book publicist will save you time and get great results.  

Here are the top 14 reasons to use a book publicist:

1.      They write better press kits and pitches because they know what the media is expecting to receive.

2.      The media prefers to deal with a book publicist rather than a thousand authors who are strangers to them.

3.      They can media coach you and make sure you appear knowledgeable, likable, and understandable.

4.      They can analyze your website, social media, and marketing materials, and give you constructive criticism, strategic tips, and guidance on what to do – or not do.

5.      They are connected to the media, making introductions a lot easier for you.

6.      They know what some media outlets are working on and can clue you in on stories you may be appropriate for.

7.      They understand how the media works and what they are looking for and how/when to contact them – they are far more efficient than an author.

8.      Publicists have an experienced eye and can speak on your behalf a lot better than most authors can talk about themselves.

9.      A good publicist knows how to find media contacts that aren’t easily found or known about.

10.  Promoters think like promoters and always look for fresh angles to sell your book to the media.  Authors know how to write and are proficient in the area they write in, but book publicity is a distant second for their skill set.

11.  Book publicists are well aware of the news cycle, honorary days, anniversaries, holidays or other tie-ins to your book.  They can pitch you to media that you never thought of approaching, simply because they see things differently.

12.  They express themselves with passion, wit, sincerity, and professionalism.  They sound confident without bragging and present you in a way that allows the media to value your message and background.

13.  They remain ever optimistic and vigilant and don’t worry about rejections or criticisms.  They just keep plowing through obstacles or setbacks.

14.  Book publicists can invite you into their network of experts – editors, literary agents, fellow authors, and others who may prove to be valuable to you.

Of course, there are many lousy book publicists out there who simply are not worth even half of what they ask to be paid. Like anything else, evaluate your options, interview and interrogate them.  Look for good references and samples of solid work, and get a feel for the person you’ll work with.  It’s worth taking a chance, a book publicist can offer a huge pay-off when all goes well.

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