Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Who Will Make A Case For Books?

If a person is the sum of what he or she reads, why isn’t the world smarter, better and nicer?  What’s stopping us from acting on what we know to be true, based on the information we consume and the ideas we are exposed to?

The problem is that the influence of the once-prominent book is being eroded by cheap, easily accessible content online.  We’d like to think the two can work together and actually support one another but often the two are in direct conflict of a consumer’s time and money.  Even worse, people may be influenced or moved by online content that is not vetted, complete, or unbiased, leaving books on the shelf that could very well provide the depth of information and truth so desperately needed today.

It shouldn’t have to come down to the Internet vs. books, and yet it does.  When you have a free source of writings it will interfere with how much time one can read books. And when it’s free, it gets harder to demand fair compensation for a book.  I believe each of us continually has to state the case, publicly and privately, that books matter and need to be read if society is to ever advance.

The Internet can play an important role in the dissemination of information, but it needs to clean its act up. Fake news, biased content, opinion dressed as fact, or shoddy research and sloppy editing leave the Internet needing a sheriff to swoop in and clean it up. 

Books, though they too, can be subject to what dooms the Internet, offer something wonderful and need to be championed and protected.  There’s a rich history to books that deserves preservation but books are not just museum pieces or a collector’s item.  No, they can surely inform, enlighten, entertain or inspire us to live better lives, have deeper experiences, and unite to help one another.  Books transform and shape us.  They capture something worth exploring, something that can’t merely be blogged or tweeted about.

It’s not so much an issue of what’s the case for books, as all book lovers can rattle off reasons why they love books, why books are important, and why we must consume them.  But who will make this case?  Who will go out there and talk not just about literacy, free speech, or a specific book, but the very need to promote, protect, read and share all books?

I need you to step up to the plate and insert books into your chats with friends, visits with relatives, emails to colleagues, small talk at work, your social media, your dating profile, and whenever a conversation takes place. 

I need you to show books off – publicly read books and recommend others enjoy books too. 

We each must make the case for books before it’s too late.

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