Thursday, October 12, 2017

12 Key Ways Authors Can Land Elite Media

What exactly does it take to get a booking with a top-notch media outlet?

First, identify your target list of elite and leading media outlets.  Did you cover all types of media:  TV, print, online, and radio?

Second, did you identify that media outlet’s targeted demographics?  Based on whom they tend to reach, did you devise a pitch that appeals to that demographic?

Third, did you craft a customized pitch that would appeal to that specific outlet, based on the outlet’s past guests or story experts and subjects covered?

Fourth, do you have a news peg to your story?

Fifth, did you do your homework about the personal preferences and life of the specific editor, producer, host, or writer that you’re pitching?  Use special intelligence to build a personality profile of each person.  What might appeal to them, based on what you know of their careers, education, age, looks, race, religion, gender, region, sexual preferences, hobbies, etc.?

Sixth, based on the media outlet’s format or style, how would your story idea fit in to how they interview people or cover an issue? For instance, do they use graphics, have call-ins from listeners, use a panel format, or allow to talk for longer than a sound bite?

Seventh, do you time your outreach to match when the person you seek to reach is available and mentally open to receiving pitches – or are they on deadline or in production?

Eighth, what extras can you offer – any exclusive video or images or lists or secrets revealed?

Ninth, what do you have to say that’s really of value to that media outlet?  How can you present your message with impact and urgency?

Tenth, suggest their direct competitors are considering you.  Get them to come to the plate to avoid being scooped.

Eleventh, communicate clearly, concisely, and with confidence.  Act as if the media will say yes.  Assume success – but work diligently to achieve it.

Twelfth, use media coverage to beget more coverage.  Share links to the media that you are getting and you may convince others that you are media-validated.

Lastly, it comes down to persistence, creativity, substance, and good old luck.  Keep reaching out to the media and give yourself a fighting chance to break through.

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