Monday, October 23, 2017

Housing A New Book Publicity Campaign

I was fortunate enough to sell my house of nearly 14 years in just a few days. It happened so quickly that I had to move out before I even found a new home to buy.  I ended up renting a small place for three months but we finally bought and moved to another house. However, in the process of doing two moves, a lot of my stuff got boxed up and remained out of sight for up to four months. It’s taught me a valuable lesson that’s applicable to how you should execute your book publicity campaign.

The first conclusion I made from the double move was that you should follow your gut instinct.  When I looked at what had accumulated in the house I realized that some of it didn’t need to come to the next place.  A part of me felt like I should not yet give up on making use of something I hadn’t touched in a decade, but in the end, I trusted my instincts to tell me that it was time to start making decisions and to chuck this stuff.  You, too, must assess your resources and skills and make tough choices on whether you will or will not do something in regards to book publicity.  You can’t keep packing up your stuff that goes unused.

Second, because I went months without the use of certain items, I realized I didn’t necessarily need all of the things that I thought were of value to me.  The truth is, we can get by with fewer things.  Perhaps the same is true with book marketing.  Just focus on a handful of core areas and don’t spread yourself too thin trying to do more things than you have time for.

Third, the moves taught me to be organized and to keep lists of things; otherwise I’d drown in confusion, and chaos.  For book marketing campaigns, be organized and track your efforts and results.

Fourth, the move allowed for the feeling of having a fresh start.  Perhaps if you re-order your publicity campaign you too can feel like you have a clean slate.  To feel renewed gives you a burst of energy and a new perspective on things.

Fifth, moving is a huge undertaking of time, planning, and money. Book publicity, when done well, also calls upon those same things.  It may seem like a lot of drama and hassle – because it is – but it’s worth it.

Sixth, sometimes the things you already have are exactly what you need.  You just need to re-discover them.  Unpacking boxes of your life’s possessions can give you a feeling of getting a present, even though you are receiving what’s already yours. Make what’s old new again.  Look at your book publicity campaign and see how you can take a second shot at things you’ve already tried.  Perhaps you’ll find success this time around.

Lastly, the move can lead you to start changing a lot of things.  Suddenly you want to move into new floors, new walls, new windows, new landscaping, etc.  But you can’t do it all at once.  Nor can you tackle all that you want or need to do when it comes to book publicity.  Take it one day at a time, one thing at a time.

Eventually, you’ll wake up to a whole new you.

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