Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Do Writers Need To Take A Religious Approach to Improve Their Book Marketing?

Catholics make sacrifices during Lent.  Muslims learn to do without certain things during Ramadan. Jews fast and withhold their daily routine on Yom Kippur.  Can authors learn from these religions about the meaning of will, sacrifice, identity, and self-discipline?

Having recently fasted for the Jewish holiday, I realized that though certain physical elements almost drove me to eat, it was really a psychological thing at play.  I didn’t have to eat.  I wasn’t going to die or pass out or get sick if I didn’t eat or drink.  But I felt uncomfortable and out of my routine. That turned out to be a good thing.

Sometimes we have to stop what we’re doing and go through a cleansing period, a time to review and analyze how we live our lives.  So should authors stop writing and cease from book marketing activities, at least for a few days, to take stock of where they’ve been, what they do, and what they could or should be doing?

We all need a reset button from time to time.

It’s hard to think and do at the same time.  You need to take a break to plan properly and to go into a mode of strategy instead of constant execution.  Think a bit, then do.  Reflect on what’s working what’s not.  See what you can do more of that works, less of what doesn’t.  Be open to change.

Religion forces us to probe deep into our souls.  For authors, I’m merely suggesting you probe your craft.  Evaluate how you spend your time and what you prioritize.  Perhaps consider a renewed emphasis on neglected areas – or maybe affirm you are on the right path and to stay the course.

Whereas religion has planned days of self-sacrifice and reflection, tied to a calendar of annual rituals and moments of insight, authors need to choose the day or week that they will go deep within to analyze their writing career, to see if they are productive writers and successful book marketers.

Writers, as a group, tend to be introspective and probably think more of life and themselves than most people do.  Often their thinking caps are geared towards creating and writing.  For now, they must apply their mental faculties to look at how they can improve as writers and promoters of books.  They just need to channel their energies in that direction and they will start to see answers from.

Maybe as writers cleanse their minds and renew their approach to writing and marketing, they will find they want to make other changes in their life or schedule.  Sometimes making a big sweeping change is exactly what’s needed.  But even a slight adjustment can go a long way to improving your writing career.

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