Sunday, October 22, 2017

Interview with author Mary M. McNaughton

Sin of Ambition

1. What inspired me to write Sin of Ambition, to force me from taking an idea or experience and conveying it into a book? What inspired me to write my story was my need to know if I had an aptitude for writing. My personal past is littered with instances of neglect and unwelcomes, these memories of my childhood brought laid the foundation of the book. I also wanted to go beyond those memories and explore the desire for recognition, ambition and challenges that my childhood created in me.

2. What is it about and who’s the targeted reader? Sin of Ambition deals with wealth and love, the protagonist’s determination for success, and the importance of education. I hope to reach any reader looking for an intriguing and character driven story. More specifically, I hope to reach those that have been touched my abuse or neglect in some form, in hopes that relate to my tale. I also look to reach women who have a strong desire and drive to success in life, both personally and professionally.

3. Everlasting thought for readers after finishing the book? Sin of Ambition will open different interpretations to readers who will embark on their individual journey. Thoughts that may remain long after reading the book may be how a person deals with humanity in achieving their life goal.

4. What advice/words of wisdom I have for fellow writers? The most important piece of information I would recommend is to make your story appealing and desirable. Additionally, never sit in front of your computer to long, forcing yourself to write. Let words and writing come more naturally.

5. Trends in book world and where publishing industry is heading? The book publishing industry is shrinking while other methods are on the rise. We are in an environment in which individuals can publish/advertise modus operandi over Internet worldwide.

6. Challenges I had in writing my book? Story-wise, my main issues was making sure that I develop and maintain common threads throughout the story. I wanted to make sure that there was a central theme that carried from beginning to end. In my personal life, I struggled balancing my time with work, family and volunteering while also dedicating myself to the writing process.

7. If people can buy one book why mine? Sin of Ambition provides the reader with an intense sentiment that success in life is possible despite early life’s hardships such as: rejection, poverty and physical disfigurement. This story specifically deals with the wave of women’s liberation in the 60-70’s and subsequently, triggers a movement that enables women on the workforce to obtain high positions in corporations or government.

Author Bio:
Mary M. McNaughton, a Canada native, is a nurse practitioner, writer, and speaker on health issues. She has spent considerable time in Central America providing health care to help fight poverty and disease. In addition to her nurse practitioner certification, Mary has degrees in nursing and education. She currently lives in Eugene, Oregon.

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