Tuesday, October 10, 2017

How Timing Is Key To Getting Book Media Coverage

Listen up authors, book publishers, editors, and anyone connected to a writer:  The key to getting lots of good media coverage is timing, so stop sabotaging the process!

The No. 1 reason books fail to launch and get solid book publicity is delay, procrastination, missed deadlines, and sloppiness due to rushing to make up for inexcusable lateness.  My fellow writers and publishing brethren, you have proven to be your own worst enemies!

What are we talking about here?  Timing.

Authors need to execute certain aspects of their PR campaign by certain points in time or they have severely injured their prospects of success.

Here are examples of where authors and publishers fail themselves.

1.      Not hiring a publicist way in advance of a book’s scheduled release.

2.      Failing to provide advance review copies to long lead and book review media at least 3.5-4 months prior to the book’s scheduled release date.

3.      Not launching a book-centric website – or a section dedicated to the book on your existing site – at least six months prior to launch.

4.      Not having all of our events secured and planned out way in advance – some a year or more.

5.      Failing to have your social media platform up and running at least six months prior to the book’s release.

6.      Not responding to media requests in a timely manner.

7.      Failing to anticipate things that are coming up that you can tie into such as a holiday, anniversary, or honorary day.

8.      Falling short in how quickly you respond to what’s in the news and how you can tie your message to such things.

You need to be organized, plan ahead, and be aware of the things that you need to be cognizant of.  Then you need to have ability, desire, and initiative to go out there and deliver on time or even ahead of schedule. Many deadlines, if missed, become lost opportunities, but there’s little, justification for missing out on things.

You only end up spending more time and money fighting to make up for missed deadlines and lost opportunities than if you got ahead of the curve and did things right the first time around.  But you simply can’t wake up the day your book is released and then wonder what you should do.

Time can be your friend when used properly – and your enemy when you blow through deadlines.  Will you help yourself and stop screwing up your chances simply because you need a watch and a calendar?  It’s time you step it up.

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