Saturday, June 23, 2018

What Will Move An Author To Promote His Book?

What will influence authors as to whether they will promote their books to the news media?

It’s not a trick question.  The author of the 21st century must be very active in promoting one’s book and brand.  If the author gets help from a book publisher – if a publisher’s involved -- an author will still heed to supplement its efforts.  No one can do everything that is necessary to properly promote and market a book.  It takes a village.

Given there are so many ways a book can be marketed, one must divide and conquer.  First, an author must identify what could be done and then narrow down what should be done.

For instance, think about all of the things that can be done, from speaking, affiliate sales, direct marketing, traditional media, digital media, social media, advertising, etc.  Narrow down which areas are of most importance to your situation, based on preferences, skills, resources and the nature of your book.

Next, identify your resources.  Who do you know that can help?  Who can you hire to assist in some areas?  How much time do you have to dedicate to this?  What skills or knowledge do you lack for some of this?

Authors, at the very least, are responsible for quarterbacking their writing career.  They must take ownership of their fate and actively champion their brand – every day, all year, whether a new book is out or not.

All too often, fear, ignorance, ego, or myths play a much greater role in this process than they should.  After promoting and marketing authors for decades, from the fax-a-pitch to tweet-a-pitch era, I can tell you that authors have to take it upon themselves to ensure they are getting maximum exposure for their books, brand and ideas.  No one else is looking out for them

Authors need to educate themselves so that they don’t fall in love with the wrong vision.  An author’s brand is like their health.  You need a holistic approach with specialists tackling specific diseases and body parts.  Just as it is not enough to only diet or to only exercise, one needs the right balance of proper movement, nutrition, and mental therapy in order to live a healthier, more fulfilling, longer-lasting life.  You need to take a comprehensive, long-term approach to your writing career and branding efforts.

But, just as America has largely failed to remain healthy, too many authors have failed to maintain their brand the way they need to.  You’re not alone if you feel lost or are falling short, but you can and must do better

So what will it take to get an author more involved with his or her publicity?  Hopefully I made the case here.  It’s simple.  If you want something, you need to work at it, and anything worthwhile usually requires help, guidance, and teamwork.  Seek out your team and take care of your writing career.


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