Thursday, June 28, 2018

Are You Optimistic About Marketing Your Book?

The one thing that separates all authors is their perspective on their book marketing:  Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

That’s it.  

Sure, other factors will play a role in how successful you are with marketing your book – your creativity, quality of book, how much time and resources you dedicate to promotions, the level of your competition, your book’s price and distribution, etc. – but it all begins with your mental approach to things.

The optimists will see opportunities everywhere and feel encouraged to try new things; the pessimists look for reasons why something will fail and pursue the path that proves their instinct true.

As optimists will try things and do something differently; the pessimists will labor at the same failed method and wonder why they can’t achieve new results.

An optimistic author-turned-marketer won’t stop after getting some level of success – they’ll see it as a lead-in to pursue greater riches; the pessimist will set the bar low for achievement and occasionally reach it without thinking of going beyond it.

The optimists brainstorm and see possibilities in every idea; the pessimists look to find weaknesses or reasons to dismiss any idea they think up or is suggested to them.

The optimists imagine and look for ways to support beliefs or theories that could help them; the pessimists only deal with cold facts and don’t look around the bend to wonder if things could be different.

The optimists speak with confidence, enthusiasm, and a smile, helping to convince others of what they see and feel; the pessimists communicate with fear or depression, low energy, and a dour look on their face, leaving others uninspired and unconvinced that anything good could come of what they say.

The optimists are likeable, friendly, and interesting; the pessimists are closed up and isolated and unwelcoming.

The optimists will keep trying until they break through; the pessimists are quick to give up and point to early rejection as justification for not giving it their all.

The optimists will be inspired by successful people; the pessimists will be jealous of them and not learn from them.

The optimists will animate stories, insert humor, and supply real-life, positive examples to demonstrate a point; the pessimists will be quieter, duller, and negative in every which way.

The optimists will seek out help from others; the pessimists will wrongly assume no one can help them.

To promote a book and author brand, you need to take the approach of the optimist.  Sure, you will still experience failure, rejection, or loss in more than 90% of all your outreach and communications – but you only need to be successful a handful of times to do great things when it comes to book publicity and sales. 

I guess only an optimist would see a  less-than 10% success rate as awesome.


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