Thursday, September 20, 2018

Authors Should Never Give Up When Marketing A Book

I always instruct authors to promote themselves and their books based on things like the news cycle, human interest stories, curiosity pieces, and other hooks. But I must admit that the news cycle has become such a fast-moving, twisting, turn-on-a-dime thing that most authors will struggle to connect with the media.

First the news media is short-staffed and reliant upon pooled sources, so they are producing less original content and are harder to reach than in the past.

Second, the news cycle used to be weekly and daily.  Then hourly and now it’s at the speed of “click.”  Big stories stick around but they shift quickly.  It’s hard to stay ahead of things.

Third, a few stories seem to dominate the media with little room to cover other things. There’s always a big crime, a major weather event, a crazy Trump thing – or eight of them, and time, ink or digital links are dedicated to sports, stocks, and daily diets of celebrity, politics, and a new product release like an iPhone. Where’s the time and space for today’s author?

Authors have to carve their space out by creating their own news.  They’ll need to utilize social media, speaking opportunities at events, and traditional media to get the word out about their books.

So if an author can’t crack the current news cycle and can’t get reviewed by major outlets, what is one to do?

Don’t give up and don’t blame anyone or anything.

Do something about it. Control what you can control.  Light it up on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, and other online sites.  Schedule book signings at bookstores, libraries, schools, and local events. Contact media outlets or people at those outlets that don’t just cover hard news.  Spend time reaching companies, associations and non-profits that may have newsletters, blogs or other resources to market your book.

You just need to experience some yesses and success begets success, just as a few no’s puts many people in a downward spiral and negative state of mind. It’s all about momentum, having confidence in yourself, belief in your book, and being assertive.

Every day is a clean slate, a new chance to advance your writing career and media brand. You can build on the good or labor on the bad.  It’s your choice.

Many authors give up way too early in the process of marketing their books. Stick it out and keep finding the opportunities to have your voice heard.  If you really have something special to say, someone eventually has to hear you.


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