Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Why Doesn’t The Media Agree With You About Your Book?

I am always amazed when people don’t agree with me.  You may think that is a pompous statement – but it’s how I feel.

Now, why should one feel they are always right?

Well, if one uses facts, logic, and common sense, and speaks with conviction, clarity, sincerity, and passion, you’d think the chances improve for people to agree with you.

But sadly, they don’t.  Why?

People dispute everything.  They can’t even agree on which facts take priority and they question the accuracy of a fact or the validity of a statement.  They argue simply because they are trolls, lack intelligence, mentally deficient, or have an agenda that blinds them from agreeing with you.  Or they simply lack a method to come to an agreement with you.  Their values get in the way.  Their fears or desires take over.

But I always hope that if I break things down and spell them out and make a case for something that others will follow in agreement.  I wish it were that simple.  

After I see how I can’t persuade another to adopt my viewpoint despite relentlessly trying, I realize how the world can have so many wars, murders, fights, political chasms, and deep debates.  Sometimes those closest to you, let alone strangers, simply will disagree with you, let alone strangers.

Perhaps the same is true with book publicity.  I used to believe that when I pitch a story to the media I will get coverage, that I will convince many of  those that I get to convey my strongest presentation to.  But even when I was convinced I had a great book, from a big publisher, from a credentialed author, with a timely, well-slated message, I would still get ignored, turned away, or told maybe.  But I want a YES!

Sometimes we simply are not presenting things the way someone needs to hear them.  Maybe we’re not emphasizing the right points.  Perhaps it’s not so clear as to what the book is saying or what makes it unique.  If you get rejected, you move on and still believe in your pitch.  But eventually, enough people declining or ignoring you means you must rework your presentation, no matter how perfect you thought it was.

We can’t get caught up thinking we’re so great and that people should love us.  We must state our pitch, show it, and be sincere.  We must go all out to convince others, without relying on any one fact, word, expression, or act to persuade them.  You throw everything at them and hope something sticks.

Look, the greatest politicians can’t often persuade more than 50% of voters to support them.  The best lawyers don’t win every case or motion.  The greatest therapists can’t always convince their patients to change.

The media is a diverse group that’s overwhelmed by pitches for books, products, services, and experts.  They have a tough job to do.  They’re underpaid and overworked.  They do their best to cover things of importance and interest to their readers-listeners-viewers-followers.  

Keep pitching and altering your pitch.  You may not get everyone to agree with you, but some will see things your way.

Do you agree with me?


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