Friday, February 8, 2019

Book Marketing Is Really Networking

The end result of book marketing is sales and the process of marketing is really about networking.  You are constantly introducing yourself to those who may be able to buy from you or refer you to those who may be able to buy from you. It’s an endless process that gets easier over time, as repeat customers, referrals and their referrals grow, but the process of meeting people and talking a good game will be a continuous activity.

Whether you network online, by phone, or in person, consider these action steps:

BE POSITIVE – No matter what you discuss, show optimism – no one wants to be around critics, negative-minded people, and whiners.

BE ENTHUSIASTIC – Display, with words and energy, your excitement and passion for whatever you are discussing.

SHARE IDEAS – it costs you nothing to offer ideas on things that may be of help to another – it shows you care about them.

BE INFORMED – Study up so you know what you’re talking about.

BE RESOURCEFUL – Put them in touch with people you know and score instant points.

BE THOUGHTFUL – Contact people during business hours and don’t hound them (it sounds desperate).

RECIPROCATE – if they give you something, give back more.

DON’T BE RUDE – Never pass judgment or share potentially inflammatory opinions.  Always be respectful, courteous and polite.  When in doubt, silence is better.

BE INSPIRING – Motivate others to reach their goals.

BE INTERESTED – Let others talk about what they are passionate about.

Second Impressions
They are tough to come by, second impressions.  If the first impression of a potential customer is positive, you can build on it.  If their first thoughts about you are negative, you’re in trouble.  If you need to quickly turn around their perception of you, say something that will be positive.  Allude to favors, discounts, resources or something that will turn the tide.  Alas, sometimes it’s a personality clash and there’s nothing you can do to bridge that divide.  Just walk away and move onto the next opportunity.

Preconceived Notions
Everyone has preconceived notions, whether they realize or admit it.  It’s only natural.  When one enters into a dialogue with someone who wants to sell you something you naturally are suspicious of them.  Perhaps they got burned in the past or it’s the way they were raised.  Maybe it’s just human nature that people don’t fully trust anyone selling anything.  But when you try to sell something you work out of a deficit.  You need to win them over not only to what you want to sell, but to you.  If they don’t like or trust you – or believe you know yourself, or care about them, or show a good attitude – they will not deal with you.  So, in going into any meeting or interaction with the hope of selling your book or services just know that you need to address the questions, fears, misgivings, and needs that likely go unstated but nevertheless are very much there.

Don’t Expect People To:
·                     Instantly tell you what they want or need.
·                     Open up to you and give you useful information.
·                     Tell you the whole truth.
·                     Trust you or like you until you give them a reason to do so.
·                     Know how smart, nice, or helpful you are until you demonstrate these things.
·                     Be ready to buy or say yes without their silent questions being answered.
·                     Fully understand and appreciate everything you share with them.

To soar at book marketing, you will need to know how to talk to people, connect with many people, and be on top of building your relationships.

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